Thursday , March 23 2023


…Admits having special assistant on fish, not special adviser

…As wife plots N150 million to raise another woman to challenge Ekwunife ambition
Fejiro Oliver

Former Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State may be biting his hands in few weeks to come as his now estranged political godson, Willie Obaino is on the verge of playing a fast one on him, revealed our government house source in the state.

We authoritatively gathered that the heat has been on Obaino with pressure mounted by strong prominent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains within and outside the state on the lawmakers to begin impeachment process on him, after impeaching the Speaker. According to our source, Obaino is being wooed to survive the hammer by defecting to the PDP, which we gathered that he has already considered doing.
 A reliable source close to the governor told this newspaper that Obaino who no longer enjoy a cordial relationship with his godfather has taken this step of defection too, so as to beat Obi to it. His defection comes on the heel of pre-informed knowledge that most of the lawmakers will soon defect to the PDP with Obi, making it the majority which will make the impeachment process sail through; and in order to beat it has decided to be in the same fold with the lawmakers who cannot impeach one of their own.
In a closed door meeting which was allegedly held in a hotel in Awka, some PDP top boss were detailed to tell him the consequences of not defecting and gave him a deadline to move over to the party or dance the music. Some documents showing his fraudulent activities alongside the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) were also revealed which will form part of the impeachment.
Meanwhile in a response to an exclusive report, the state government has through a surrogate admitted our report that the governor actually has a ‘special assistant on fish matters and not special adviser’, a response which has brought public outcry with the masses wondering what is the difference in the title if not to siphon the public treasury.
The wife of the Governor is also strategizing plans on how to raise a woman who has never tasted politics to challenge Uche Ekwunife for the House of Representatives in order to ridicule her. Our source who squealed this to us noted that Mrs Obaino has began for the search of the woman who will replace Ekwunife, for daring to challenge her in Poland, during a visit by Mrs Patience Jonathan. The battle for this we gathered will cost the taxpayers a whooping N150 Million to prosecute with her vowing to do everything to achieve her aim.

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  1. Madam obiano is just an ordinary husband snatcher and a killer also , if she think that she has something to offer let her go to aguleri to contest election if she win then the public will now confirm her as a powerful woman , imagine a common house wife taking to a self made Uche ekwunife ,

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