Tuesday , November 28 2023


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As Delta State moves towards the prosperity agenda currently brought about by Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa; one local government that will be left behind is Ndokwa East.

This is not unconnected with their electing of Mr Friday Osanebi who represents them in the State House of Assembly and also serves as the Deputy Speaker, but has held them captive for over four years since he got into the house in 2011.

The Deputy Speaker, Friday, who is secretly referred to as ‘Fraud Day’ is the lord of the manor in his community, deciding who gets what and as rumored in some quarters; that he holds the yam and the knife.

Ndokwa East which has been enmeshed in crisis following attempt to impeach the local government Chairman, Mrs Nkechi Chukwura we can authoritatively report is the handwork of Osanebi, who is becoming restless that the money meant for the council is no longer controlled by him, as well as the council boss refusing to be loyal to him. He has become angry as the lady no longer report the allocation for him to decide how it’s shared; even though he never wanted her as Chairman, but was chosen by former governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.

As a compensation for not allowing Friday and his cohorts to impose a Chairman on Ndokwa East, they imposed a Vice Chairman and Secretary on her. While she accepted the Vice Chairman, she kicked against the Secretary which led to the councilors not approving it. It was recently that she forced her way through and the Secretary to the local government was appointed. This prompted an impeachment procedure by the councilors loyal to Friday and Obielum who allegedly paid them the sum of N2 million each to carry out the hatchet job.


Like his name ironically sound, he instituted a culture of monthly fraud day in Ndokwa where authoritative voices from the council revealed that he milked the state dry of N2.5 million every month during the tenure of the former council boss, Alex Aniche, which was increased to N7 million by Nkechi, just to allow peace reign. The shortage of funds to the LG due to falling oil prices made her to stop it, but Friday will hear none of that and set the council on fire.

Despite collecting over N700 million as constituency allowances and from DESOPADEC, there is no tangible thing to show on what he has used the money for. Sources who confided in us states that he only bought cheap golf cars, popularly called ‘pure water’ and motorcycles, which is not up to N50 million for his loyal boys, with grinding machines for the women.

The looting lawmaker has milked his constituency dry by refusing to hands off transaction with Agip Company operating in the land, preferring to take the compensation of the community to his personal bank account than allow Agip carry out their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

One of such lootings was his personal handling of the Puntu contract with attempt to build bridge from Kwale to Beneku was killed by Friday after allegedly embezzling the funds.

In his belief that he’s the godfather of Ndokwa politics, the young political lord serves as the one who deals directly with oil companies in the region, negotiating the salaries of indigenes who will work as casual staff.
We gathered authoritatively that the master looter currently pays sixty five thousand Naira (N65,000) to the indigenes working with Nest Oil to lay pipe across the area despite the companying paying each of them Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N350,000). This fraud is made possible as Friday collects the entire money and pay them the meager sum, and anyone who dares to challenge him is relieved of the contract job.

The Deputy Speaker whose only function in the house since he got elected 4 years ago is to by ‘ayes’ member. His only contribution is to raise hands up when the Speaker says “those in support of this should say ‘ayes’, and with smile all over his face, he feels satisfied that he supported popular movement, a source within the legislative chambers confided in Secrets Reporters. He also has no constituency office in his locality where problems facing those he represents can be channeled to.


Those in the know reveals that he’s not only corrupt but diabolical, stating that he has tied the future of most of Ndokwa indigenes for political gain.

According to a source, his source of power is in India where he goes every six months but claims that he’s visiting the US or UK. Whenever he returnes from any of such diabolical trip, we gathered that he drives in at night and instructs his aides not to tell anyone that he’s around, till after three days.

When he’s out; it’s with smile on his face, he goes to the houses of the youths he finds charming and while shaking; he looks at the ground, which the source reveal is the act of taking the destiny of these youths.
Efforts to reach him to get his own side of the story proved abortive as his call was forwarded.

***To be continued

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  1. Whether he is an Ayes man or not, I am particularly happy that he is delivering democratIC dividends to his people. Imagine the youths that were appointed Commissioners for the Ndokwa Nation, it is a pointer to the fact that the youths are highly favored in this dispensation and it is all credited to the youthful disposition of the Deputy Speaker. Let us support him to perform well this time in the interest of our people please. Regards.
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  2. Agbanashi Obinne

    Oliver, you have been hired again to propagate falsehood- a leader of tomorrow laying a false foundation, God help you. The original author of your piece did said all manner and he’s somewhere now regretting his actions, why would you be used always to perpetrate evil ? You write without recourse to your career and future ? Of what impart have you made now by building on lies from a desperate and self centered politician ?
    For the records, Friday Osanebi, a man representing our interest in the state house of assembly that we are well pleased, have done well in the past four years. He understands the peculiar needs of our people and he has been doing his best, despite lies from your sponsors. Which are part of a path to greatness though.
    Go and get your records straight, in the last four years, the man in question is the only politican from Ndokwa nation and even beyond that has imparted the lives of people positively.
    He believes in the empowerment of all class of people – widows, orphans, youths, students and what have you. I can authoritatively report that he has been doing his lobbying well in the Hallowed chambers and the Ndokwa east people have not been short changed in any way, he has made presentations when the need arise and have followed same to ensure it goes down well. He’s in the vanguard of ensuring that young men are also given the opportunity to do their best in government and I can tell you, we have a lot of them to show for it.
    I don’t believe that Ndokwa east does not know what they want. If the young man has not done well in the past four years, I don’t think we would have reelected him. So mind your business, don’t cry where others are happily thanking God.

    I had earlier said I wouldn’t reply your trash but for record sake, Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, had been a successful business man who God has blessed, men I can tell you, he’s blessed- at a very young age and before he ventured into politics, by pressures form his people – he has been imparting lives,positively before now. Mind you, he didn’t start buying cars or empowering people with trainings and skills when he became a house member; NO ! Then there were no accusations of taking destinies and giving destinies or sponsoring any form of chaos any where. Infact, I was opportuned to be part of a large family meeting he had conveyed with principal actors and elders in our area on this local government crisis. It’s so unfortunate that same people who are feeding fat from the pandemonium occasioned by selfishness and greed are same set of people calling names.

    The issue here is a case of a thief running uncomfortably, because of guilt. The real thief is pointing accusing fingers on another innocent man. I am from Ndokwa east, and the duo – chairman and deputy speaker are family relations so when one decides to apply wisdom to settle a family matter internally does not validate his cowardice but the height of maturity, I tell you the Deputy Speaker has demonstrated rare wisdom.

    Oliver, another aspect of you, that makes me doubt your sanity is your attitude of reporting any trash thrown on you. Very very unethical. I know you never called anybody to confirm the lies you have been given to propagate, because its your way of making end meet, since it’s not your first and second time of seeking this man’s ( Deputy Speaker) attention to settle you. Howbeith, the report is an original copy of what a Pro-Nkechi avarta had earlier published, so they just sort your platform to magnify same. But lies had never seen the light of the day any where in the world. Only the truth remains and endure.
    You have alleged and have vomited what you can’t substantiate. I don’t know if your pay master had followed him to India before that he can give detailed explanation of the modus operandi, and why he has waited till now to tell us how they do it there, but I will advise you to be careful, not to push this man to the wall and he takes it up with you. You have made very weighty accusations pray to your God, not to secure another wrath of the law, after your last bitter bill in Niger State.
    The much I know about, the Deputy Speaker- he is a young man, who is just blessed by God, and if he’s involved in such negativism, the light of God in the lives of high profiled men of God he follows hard, would have since exposed him.

    Oliver, when the original writer of this piece alleged that the Deputy Speaker has no constituency office, the people of Ndokwa East that read the post were angry with the avarta because he reemphasized and blew his ignorance and utterly made fool of him self ! There you are again, joining his class. Rt. Hon. Friday Ossai Osanebi’s constituency Office in Ashaka is one of the biggest in the state. Well positioned almost opposite St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, Ashaka London in Ndokwa East.

    The last time the issue of constituency project came up in Umeh Need Road, after series of debate, we noticed that the Honorable member them, had done constituency projects above the amount they were given for that purpose, and I deed listed the very obvious ‘landed’ projects he attracted to his constituents within that time that were caught across the wards in Ndokwa East. ( see the original copy of this post by the avatar that contacted you pls)
    This shows his natural desire and passion to ameliorate the sufferings of his people.
    I think I have some time this morning and I am also moved by passion at the severity of your chronic oral diarrhea cum hunger, but wisdom my brother is profitable to direct.

    Go to Ndokwa East today and ask how the Hon. Aniche led CTC fed ? The people mourned when they noticed that by law he can’t contest to continue as an executive chairman. The man, with his limited powers and privileges touched every body in Ndokwa east with standing projects as I write, to show ! His emergence was a divine act and we are very happy with Aniche, who operated a open door policy and any Dick and Harry in the council and government them can tell you what the council got from the government in the center and explicit details of how a penny was spent from same. The man is very free and moves about any where, without fear because he is welcomed any where he goes. So I wonder how the Deputy Speaker got what you have alleged he was getting from him them with open accountability. I know the joy of the Deputy Speaker them, that for once, our people are happy with her local government, and they are living to expectation with a chairman that had nothing to hide. The Friday I know is an advocate of free and egalitarian society. The oil companies around us respects him today and honour him, because he had one time stood his ground unbehalf of the people and fought that things must be done rightly. That’s why he’s called a comrade. Rt. Hon Friday Ossai Osanebi, will not condescend so low to be demanding kickbacks from people looking up to him. He’s the least person to think of assuming a god status that must be worshipped monthly with the resources meant for the people he had severally fought for.
    Oliver for your information, ask properly; one of the problems our incumbent local government chairman is having with her law makers is accountability. They said my sister have not made the income and expenditure of the council public and they don’t know what she is doing. They also alleged that my sister has no budget and she’s making expenses without a fiscal law backing such expenses, I lowered my head in shame, because that was the hight of ignorance, since I know it’s implication. That my sister will be running a council for months without a secretary, that was duly cleared by the State Assembly was another affront to the powers and integrity of the Delta State House of Assembly.

    Dear Oliver, I won’t pretend not to know the issues rocking the council, but they are better settled internally as family members, like the Deputy Speaker prescribed for peace sake.

  3. Whether he is an ‘Ayes’ man or not, I am particularly happy that he is delivering democratIC dividends to his people. Imagine the youths that were appointed Commissioners for the Ndokwa Nation, it is a pointer to the fact that the youths are highly favored in this dispensation and it is all credited to the youthful disposition of the Deputy Speaker. Let us support him to perform well this time in the interest of our people please. Regards.

  4. People should stop destructive criticism,Friday Osanebi is transparent in his doing,he never ask for money from his local govt chairman,we all knows that friday Osanebi has contributed immensely to the development of Ndokwa nation,he has no hand in the impeachment move rather he his among those that ensures that peace reigns in Ndokwa east.we all have to support him so that more dividend of democracy can come to the people.

  5. Oliver fejiro,all you know is cheap blackmail,leave friday Osanebi alone,he is doing well for his people

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