Monday , November 21 2022


While Nigerians are currently blinded by the current
euphoria of seeing to the resignation or sack of the Aviation Minister, Ms
Stella Oduah, the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Mrs Patience Jonathan is
currently dipping her hand into the national treasury, using her loyalist to
donate millions of Naira towards the burial of her step mother, Mrs Charity
Francis Oba, who died in an auto crash.

According to multiple sources who spoke to us, the
Ministry of Education headed by his ‘boy’ Nyesom Wike is the highest donor to
the burial, though the source refused to disclose how much the ministry gave,
but noted that it was not beyond N15 million, while he also booked almost half
of the hotels to be used as accommodation for the burial.

The Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson has requested the house of assembly to approve some undisclosed sum of money,
which will not be unconnected to be the state sponsorship of the burial.

A source noted that various calls have been made to
all the ministries in Abuja, requesting their urgent contribution to the
burial, while an Aso-ebi bearing the portrait of Mrs. Oba is being sold for
unwilling senior staff to buy, at a ridiculous price. In some of the
ministries, committees were set up to see to the realization of them
participating fully in the sycophantic burial.
The Nigerian security we gathered have put everything
in place including giving out their helicopters free of charge to ferry
dignitaries to the occasion, which will have many first ladies of African
Countries coming.

We were reliably informed that millions are being
siphoned daily from various ministries in the ‘project bury first lady mother’,
as all eyes have been shifted to the Stellagate controversy. A total of N70
million is expected to cover for all the cost of the burial which will take
place by next weekend.

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