Wednesday , November 30 2022


Fejiro Oliver

Except there is a last minute change of heart by
President Goodluck Jonathan, the embattled Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella
Oduah may well be kissing goodbye to her job in few days time. A source who is
in the know confided in us that President Goodluck Jonathan who is desperately
trying to save her from been fired has succumbed to pressure and has decided to
ask her to honorably resign than give her the kick.

According to the source, this is due to numerous
documents currently in public knowledge which the government can no longer
hide. We gathered that the president is also under pressure from international
community to relieve the minister of her job, so as to give face lift to his
administration fighting of corruption.
The plot which has been perfected will see the minister
tendering her resignation letter, saying that it was done in the interest of
the nation and for the probe to be more transparent. When asked if the minister
will be jailed if found guilty, the source noted that such will not happen, as
long as she ‘resign’ from the cabinet. He noted that her resignation is meant
to kill the current call for her prosecution by Nigerians.
The Minister who will be in Nigeria today is not
comfortable with her resignation, but has been promised an unknown board for
her to chair, the moment the heat is down. What we cannot ascertain is who will
replace Ms. Oduah, should she leave the cabinet. Another source who spoke to us
hinted that the acting foreign Affairs Minister, Viola Onwuliri has been penciled
down for the job, while another party faithful will be deployed to head her


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