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The house currently circulating in the media we can authoritatively report belongs to a 32 year old ex convict

                                                                       Dilly in Jail in US

Dilly in US Jail

The man in the above pictures is the same person currently been celebrated as the owner of the most expensive house today in Nigeria. He goes by the name Okwudili Umenyiora which he has shortened to Dilly. SecretsReporters gathered that he is a fugitive from the United States of America, who has been behind bars while staying there. According to an American Journalist who exchanged mails with us when we sought to find out who Dilly is; he noted that Dilly was arrested on 9th March 2006 for driving when his license was suspended. Accoring to various sources who know him; he leads a ring of fraudsters in the state since he got there in 2001. On April 11th, 2006, Dilly “Cowboy” Umenyiora and Adrian Chike Okakpu, both of whom played more prominent roles in a bogus checks 419 conspiracy were earlier given jail terms. They both pleaded guilty and were given slightly less jail time than Oshinaike. He specialized in  recruiting people in the Mobile, Alabama area to allow their bank accounts to be used to deposit bogus checks. 

In a confession he made when arrested, he  testified that account holders would be told a cover story similar to solicitations many people get via e-mail. The tale would be a variation of the theme that a person in Nigeria needed help getting money into the United States. Assistant U.S. Attorney E.T. Rolison said during his closing argument that it is a classic Nigeria scam. he would pay a postal worker at a mail-sorting center in Atlanta $500 each for corporate bank checks. He said he did not know the man’s name, but a man by the name of Andrew Bryant Gunn has pleaded guilty in federal court in Atlanta in connection with the plot and will be sentenced next month.

Dilly told jurors he would take the checks to a man named Guy Taylor, who would change the payee line while he would then give the checks to partners who would in turn deposit them into bank accounts. The bank account holder would be allowed to keep 15 percent of the value of the check. Taylor would get 10 percent and the postal worker was paid 10 percent to 15 percent, he testified.
After his jail term in US, he escaped to Nigeria where he began living large, claiming to be a business man who is into importation of cars.
The 32 years old Dilly began building his secret mansion in 2009, where he mandated the builders and engineers to build a high fence before the construction of the main building. 
                                                                            Dilly as an ex convict in US

                                                                  Mansions belonging to the criminal Dilly
                                        The fraudster Lamborghini and his Mopol that guards him

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