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From our Reporter in Calabar, we have gathered that the Nigerian police in conjunction with the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), are gradually killing the fight against the sales of narcotics in the state, which is a banned substance.

The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), which is supposed to champion the fight against hard drugs otherwise known as cocaine, has been enmeshed with bribe taking and compromise of their jobs.

Highly placed source, who gave our reporter a tip of these acts, been perpetuated by the law enforcement organizations, is that, at every point, when arrest is made against those in possession of the substance, the immediate exchange of money by the suspect between these law agencies, automatically set such person free.

Reports have it that, the business of cocaine thrives so well at the bayside axis in bedwell, and also atamunu area of Calabar.
The drug law enforcement agencies that are privy to this do not prosecute the suspect due to the financial benefits they derive also from the business.

Investigation from our reporter is that, these hoodlums who deal on this substance are also in the business of phone snatching.

Secrets Reporters Correspondent has it that rather than the Nigerian drug Law Enforcement Agency and the police to confiscate those hard drugs, they will rather give it back to its sellers and pretend nothing of such ever happened.

If the activities of the Cross River State command of NDLEA and the Nigerian Police is not checked, as it concerns drugs, our further investigations proves that the state may be in for a difficult time with drug addicts who may continue to unleash mayhem on the citizens of the state through the support of bribe taking NDLEA officials and the Nigerian police.

Secrets Reporters will continue in its ongoing investigations on the activities of NDLEA and the Nigerian Police in Calabar as it relates to the activities of hard drugs in the state and bring you exclusive details.

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