Monday , March 20 2023



As Nigeria gradually turns to a banana republic with world most corrupt institution, the Nigeria Police becoming more known for their notorious act, information reaching us says that an innocent man has been arrested by them and kept to rot away in jail for the past five years, because he is a tall man.

The young man by name Jack Obhafuoso Osime a.k.a Jack Ododo was training as a Tanker Driver at Ewu, his birth place when an alleged criminal activity took place in the home of one Chief Enabor, the Eribo of Ewu. Enabor who reported the case to the policemen simply told them that ‘armed robber’ was a tall man; a statement which led the police to pick up two tall men in Ewu, namely Godstime Aburime, who is a football coach and Jack Ododo. Finding the case lacking evidence, the police released them on bail.
Jack however knew that he was unjustly arrested and termed an armed robber and thus threatened to seek for legal redress. Before he could carry out his threats, policemen apparently acting on the orders of Mr Enabor arrested both of them again, but later left Godstime off the hook, while they took Jack to Ubiaja Prison, without charging him to court.

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