Chemistry teaches us about reactions and products from reactions. For instance, when Sodium (Na) is chemically combined with Chlorine (Cl), there will be reactions and product from such reactions.

I am not a Chemist but I do know that the end product of PROTEIN after digestion is AMINO ACID, FAT ends with FATTY ACID and so on. We also know that: Na + Cl2 =NaCl2. The equation on the LHS is the reaction obtained by combining 2 chemical elements and the RHS is (salt) the product obtained.

Same thing applies to boko haram insurgents, when they hit their targets, they leave some mark after their operation. They leave the targets in groaning and poverty, they leave them out rightly displaced into poverty and famine, they leave them as sudden orphans and widows.

In the North East where their handwriting is severely felt today , the state and central government cannot even capture the social needs serious and welfare of these IDPS.

So, the end product of boko haram strike is TRANSFORMATION from noble to orphans, from landlords to squatters, from plenty to nothing, to hunger, to famine, to wretchedness and economic sabotage. So horrible!

When Bukola Saraki was announced in 2003 as governor of Kwara state, he made some landmark speech I can never forget, by that, we were deceived, fooled, shortchanged and maneuver to believe that he will be a man that will take Kwara to another level.

Little did most of us knew we had given custody of our future into the hands of treasury rodents and profligacy. We failed to look at his impact in sending Societe General Bank into not only defunct but also peril.

This hardship and systemic meltdown we are facing today in Kwara does not started last night, it started in 2003 gradually and metamorphosed into terrible decision in 2009, 2011 when Saraki conspired with Abdulfattai Ahmed as the then finance commissioner to borrow the sum of‪ N30 Billion‬ from capital market in the name of Kwara State which was later adjusted to ‪N‎17Billion‬ due to pressure from concerned Stakeholders.

This loan was supposed to be fully refunded back in 2014, August but till date, (6 YEARS down), they are still unable to meet this tenure agreement with nothing to show for all kwarans.

What amazed most of the keen followers of this administration is the decision to take another N23 Billion‬ when of course the old loan is still outstanding. Our further inquiry showed that they are planning to use part of the N23 Billion to settle the old debt. What a life? Using loan to settle loan.

What are we now doing with all these loans if we may ask? We are feeding Bukola Saraki, we are paying his pension and sponsoring his trial at CCT. Thank to CCT that exposing the dirty deal of this man, we would have remain in darkness and keep shouting Sai leader.


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  1. Adeyemi Temitope n

    Nice comparisms, that guy is a big thief and looter. He will not escape this CALAMITY

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