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It is no longer news that the former Commissioner for Higher Education in Delta State, Professor Hope Eghagha has been at the centre of our ongoing investigations on Delta State Polytechnic Oghara, on his role in the fraudulent financial recklessness that has continued to rock the citadel of learning.



It is an established fact that, Eghagha had used his office as Commissioner for Higher Education, to sign off cheques and monies accruing into millions of naira, into his private account, where he was able to amongst other things, build a hotel for himself.

The hotel, named Noregha Hotel, located at commissioner road, off refinery road in Warri, is a nomenclature combined with his name, “Egha” and Nora, his wife, according to sources.


Noregha 1


Between 2013 and December 9, 2015, there was no constituted Governing Council in Oghara Polytechnic, where Hope Eghagha had doubled as the Chairman of the Institution’s Governing Council, and Commissioner for Higher Education, and monies where signed at will, where Hope, in connivance with Clara Sogbaike, the Institution’s Rector stole over N722million where Eghaga was able to raise his hotel, and also from proceeds from Bradfield internet Services, where students compulsorily pay N1500 each for online registration, which we earlier reported.

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One comment

    There are just so many things to say but I will try to laymanise my response in consideration of the fact that the penumbra of the masses of numerous stakeholders, staff and students of Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara are already aware that the entity known as secrets reporters are cyber bullies.
    A cyber bully is a person who uses the internet, electronic communication or social networks to harm harass or intimidate another person. The activities of cyber bullies are usually covert, amurcous, faceless and trolling. Unfortunately however, no Ivory Tower in this country is going to lose their sleep over an online news platform that is nothing more than a mere content farm. N722 million? Haba! The hyperbolic amounts of money you claim are being siphoned are nothing short of fabrications, a figment of the reporters’ shallow imagination. It is a calculated attempt to rubbish distinguished citizens of this country who have contributed in no small measure to the development of Delta State and the nation as a whole. Government is a continuum and during the period in question, there was a governing council in place since government cannot operate in a vacuum. Noregha hotel was not even constructed during the periods that you mentioned in your libelous report. Stop deceiving yourself and others through the use of boustrophedon-an ancient method of writing in which one line is written from left to right and the next from right to left and so on. It is not possible to siphon N722 million from an institution that survives on state government subvention. We have advised you severally in the past to pay a visit to the polytechnic and check out the real facts for yourself instead of sofalizing. You can’t shave a man’s head behind him and as God will have it, Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara is not katagelophobic. Why? A clear conscience fears no accusation.
    In light of the above and in view of the fact that you have stubbornly refused to see reason, it is very safe to conclude that the phantom known as sectrets reporter is intellectually baggravated, iffy and morally bankrupt. No crisis is rocking Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara other than the one that exists “only” in the imagination of the reporter!

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