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Authoritative facts are beginning to emerge that Great Ovedje Ogboru who poses as the gubernatorial flag bearer of the Labor Party (LP) is not the change he claims to be, but a smooth political betrayal.

Days of private investigations on why the once diehard loyalist and son of the prominent Dafinone family, Ede Dafinone abandoned the political sinking ship of Ogboru has yielded results.

According to credible sources who spoke in the course of the investigation; during the Delta Central Senatorial by-election that took place on October 5th 2013, Ogboru was the brain behind his candidate, Dafinone who contested under the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP), losing to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Senator Edesiri Aguariavwodo, who is best known as the bench warmer of the Red Chambers, for being inactive since he was rigged into power.

It was gathered that during the by-election, an unwritten agreement was reached between Ogboru and power brokers of the PDP who visited his Abraka hometown to plead with him to support Aguariavwodo. The deal according to sources will see him benefiting massively from the Federal Government through awards of contracts, especially as he was already cash strapped.

As expected, the whore politician bowed to their wishes to allow the PDP in Delta Central have their way, while Ogboru pretended to be supporting Dafinone. One of the sources confided in this reporter that while the election was ongoing, Ogboru was in his home, painted white in Abraka snoring away, while he purposely switched off his phones.

“That was not the Ogboru we know. In past elections, that man will make sure that votes from Abraka and Ethiope East were protected, as he moved from ward to ward. But that day own, he was in his house sleeping away. Even when we sent people to meet him, that they were rigging the elections in his ward; he told the security men to tell us that he is sleeping. That was when we began to suspect that he was playing a foul game with DPP”, stated a source.

Further facts emerged collaborated our sources, as we gathered that immediately after the election; Ogboru came to Dafinone house at Sapele on the 6th of October 2013 to meet some newsmen, who were invited by the Senatorial aspirant, where he planned to reject the election, which was described as hoax. Wearing a white kaftan, according to our sources, Ogboru pleaded with his party candidate to let bygone be bygone, especially as DPP came a distant third. Shocking as this was to Dafinone; he later gave in to Ogboru’s pressure and never pursued the case.

This betrayal by Ogboru, whose effect alone secured victory for Late Senator Pius Ewherido in 2011 was said to have surprised Ede Dafinone, who noted that he could not be under the same party with a man, who bites your heel like a rat, and blow it at the same time to ease your pain; hence his defection to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

True to the gentleman agreement reached with the PDP, Ogboru was given some undisclosed sum of money, with a multi million Naira contract lately from the FG, the money which is believed in some quarters is being used by him to fund his 2015 guber race under the LP.

Ogboru remains the only unenviable politician in Nigeria who has contested governorship elections with different political parties, whenever the poll doors open

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  1. Fejiro, your fame is gradually driving you crazy to take on anybody you want. Be warned that ogboru is not uduaghan whom you arm twisted to dump obuh and fought a selfish war to make edevbie lose. Your address and kid are well known even where they stay in canada. Any more attempt to ridicule ogboru just for your principal okowa to win will see you regretting. This is not niger state where you can decide to bring the media involved as you will be ruthlessly dealt with. Your address is close to deeper and you won't see the election that you are projecting okowa to win if you don't leave ogboru. Lost urhobo man.

  2. There is no need to make subtle threat to his life, that is a crime. Instead write your comments to show that he is very wrong on Ogboru. I have no liking for Fejiro and Okowa his master. However, I do not think Chief Ogboru has led us well as the leading politician in Urhoboland. I closely followed the court cases he did against Uduaghan. He would have easily won it but very poor decision in choosing his legal team despite proper advise and his failure to rally the DPP after the Supreme Court elections and position us as a people for the 2015 election makes his leadership questionable.

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