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As the tenure of the local government Chairmen in Delta State ends this year, this medium can report authoritatively that most of them ran their various councils like demigods, without carrying their Vice Chairmen along as stipulated in the constitution.

Fact findings by SecretReporters revealed that most of the Vice-Chairmen do not have an official car since they assumed office. We gathered reliably that they use tricycle popularly called Keke to their offices while some enter motorcycles. In the face of this, the Chairmen live larger than life, acquiring properties and driving exotic cars.

Reports from various councils unveil the various number two citizens living in misery, pains, tales of untold hardship and unfavourable condition of service. They are not included in cash budget committees, not allowed to perform any executive responsibility, poor remuneration, non-payment of allowances and entitlements to them and non-inauguration of PCRC Committee which they are meant to head.

On getting to office, the Chairmen pulled out N22.5 million each to buy themselves cars in the entire LGAs, which they are taking home after the end of their tenure. This was not given to most Vice, despite being a joint ticket as done for Governors and Deputy Governors. As number two citizens, their salaries have also been slashed than what their predecessors earned and in some cases paid lower than councillors.

In this series, we bring to you the various local government Chairmen who have turned their Vice to dummies and the ones who have followed the laid down rules.

Oshimili North: The Chairman, Louis Ndukwe is known to treat his Vice very well, giving him an official car and allowed to attend cash budget meetings as stipulated by local government administration law. The Vice also gets his imprest and other monetary benefits, he supervises a department and also in charge of the lucrative tenement rate committee.

Ndokwa East: It’s all tales of woe for the Vice Chairmen, as he enters Keke to work, does not attend cash budget meetings, not allowed to supervise any department and not assign responsibility. In the council, the PCRC has not been inaugurated for him to take charge. He is suffering in silence under Governor Ameche.

Isoko North: A devil called Emmanuel Egabor is known to be the Chairman. Sources say his name Emmanuel means ‘Devil with us’, as he has rendered the Vice impotent in all angle. While he cruises on his N22.5 million Land Cruiser, his deputy treks to work under the hot sun. He is not allowed near the door of cash budget meetings and not assigned to any department to head. The PCRC is also not in place.

Ughelli South: The Vice-Chairman has an old refurbished car that the Chairman, Mr Kofi Richard won’t allow his dogs to enter. Apart from the car that is always sleeping in the mechanic workshop, the Vice has not benefited from his office. He just goes to work to sleep without any function given to him.

Isoko South: It will be abnormal if the ALGON Chairman who heads this LG does not perform. Itiako Ikpokpo we gathered takes his Vice like a partner, ensuring he has an official car, performs executive duties, supervises a department and attends cash budget meetings while getting his imprest regularly.

Bomadi: The Chairman William Angadi gave his Vice a used car that is still very good. Even though he attends cash budget meetings, his imprest is not regularly paid to him, while the PCRC is not in place.

Oshimili South: This is most pathetic as the Chairman, Mr Osadebe Uchechukwu Peace and Vice Chairman were friends in their days of activism and struggle. As soon as he got to office we gathered that he made the Vice his foot mat, refused to give him an official car, no imprest, no duties assigned and the PCRC not set up. As he gears for a second term in office, we can reliably report that the Vice-Chairman, Sunny, will run against him.

Aniocha North: The Chairman, Oseme Chukwugozie makes sure that he supervises the Vice entering public transport to work daily, as he has refused to give him an official car. Like his Oshimili South counterpart, he does not pay imprest to his deputy and never allows him to attend cash budget meeting, with the PCRC not put in place.

Udu: The tales of sorrow is not different as the refurbished official car given by the Chairman, Jite Brown to his Vice, Justice Iyasere has been problematic and returned to the council. The Chairman has promised to go for a fairly used one according to a source. He has no imprest and allowance, with no PCRC in place. He was only pitied to oversee community matters. For Jite, he’s in the council to loot the treasury as he’s alleged to have spent so much contesting. We gathered that he spent N3 million during his consultation while running for the post and most recoup it back in multiple folds. He is not relenting in doing so.

Warri South: The Chairman, Micheal Tidi has been impressive in the treatment of his Vice, allowing him to oversee the works department as well as attend cash budget meetings and an official car given to him in good condition.

Ukwuani: Like Warri South, the Vice-Chairman is also in heaven in the hands of Dafe Chukwu aka Unbreak, as he’s allowed to supervise the juicy works department, attends cash budget meetings and his imprest and allowances paid steady.

Ethiope East: The Chairlady, Mrs Faith Majemite runs an emperor government stated our source. While she has bought an official car for the HPM and leader of the House, the number two local government enters bike to work. His office imprest and allowances are not paid regularly. He is not allowed to attend cash budget meeting and even though he’s allowed to supervise environment department, he’s not funded to carry out such duties. Under Faith, the PCRC has not been set up.

To be continued…

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