Wednesday , March 29 2023


Secrets Reporters

While Nigerlites suffer and the state remains arguably the least developed for the past eight years, Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report that for governor Babangida Aliyu Muazu lived large alongside his family by stealing money from the state treasury.

In one of such looting escapades, documents in possession of our medium reveals that he embezzled fund from the state coffers to the tune of two billion naira.(2,00000000) this is one of the many funds stolen under his watch by his aides and commissioners while he held sway as the State Governor in Niger State, which we are currently investigating. In one of the documents titled ”Annex 1,” which were signed by his chief of staff, Dr.Peter S.Sarki, while in office, the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (250,000 million) per annum was approved for Babangida Aliyu for a private residence, even when he was staying in Government house.

We gathered that Aliyu popularly referred to as the thief servant, a name coined from his deceptive chief servant title told his state executive council that he cannot stay at the official residence as it does not be fit his status as a governor. Muazu has continued to pocket the fund from the Niger State Government, where he was the Lord of the Mannor.

For a period of eight years, Muazu collected this large sum for a private residence which he never paid for and had continued to stay in his Government House Official building but the monies collected cannot be accounted for.

The N250 million which he paid himself every year from the public treasury was enough to renovate the entire government house to his ‘standard’ while the stolen N25 billion for 8 years was enough to build twelve new modern secondary schools and 3 ultra modern state of the act hospital in the state, none of which he built.

The thief servant is currently out of the country to invade the anti graft body who are waiting to dock him. Muazu will be most remembered as the governor who kidnapped a Journalist, Fejiro Oliver in collaboration with his henchman from the state security services (SSS) for daring to report the corrupt practices in the state where he was detained for 3 days and thrown in prison for 11 days before been released following international outcry.

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