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Stop the Loot, Re: FG to Create Special Fund For State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities

“President Goodluck Jonathan pledged Tuesday in Abuja that the Federal Government will fully explore the option of creating a special intervention fund that will facilitate the rapid establishment of more centres of medical excellence across the country.  Speaking at an audience with a delegation from the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), President Jonathan described the recommendation of a special fund that will give low interest loans for
the establishment of state-of-the-art medical facilities as a creative idea that will receive appropriate consideration from government.” — State House Press Release
They wanted to fix our national problems with roads, they set up a petroleum task fund. They dub it a creative idea that would move Nigeria forward. They award billion dollar contracts to proxies and associates who construct cheap highways that collapse at half life of their supposed warrantees. Another vacuous leadership comes in and deploys the charade all over.
They wanted to fix our national problems with scarcity and high price of petrol within crude exporting Nigeria. They set up a petroleum marketing permit system, issuing licenses to cronies and associates with upfront grants in billions of dollars as subsidies. But the price of petrol and their wealth continue to go skyward, while Nigerians continue to go earth bound in poverty and disease.
They wanted to fix our national problems with electric power supply in which the country produces only a seventh (5000MW) of the estimated 35,000MW it needs. They repeat their petroleum management chicanery policy, awarding licenses to fronts and lackeys, which stand to date at 43 vendors, for a total of 24,000 MW potential capacity, some of whom generate as low as 20 MW! They call it creative thinking but Nigerian black men and women live from day to day in the dark. 
Now they wanted to fix our national problems of zero health care for the citizens, they are thinking of setting up a special intervention fund. They will give low interest (more like free) loans to acolytes and homeboys and award the contracts to establish so-called state-of-the-art medical facilities. They call it intuitive but the chintzy facilities soon stand unusable with half of the imported equipment wearing out of order tags within six months. Much the same way we bought Murtala Mohammed airport and a dozen other new airports across the country but can’t repair the baggage carousels  in any of them unless we fly in technicians from Europe. LUTH, UNNTH, ABUTH, UBTH, were once all centers of medical excellence.

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