Time and time again, throughout the history of medical practice, what was once considered as “scientific” eventually becomes regarded as “bad practice”
David Stewart
Fejiro Oliver
An African proverb rightly says that the cane with which we use in beating the child is waiting for the next child. I saw it coming that our MBBS graduate will succumb to the cheap publicity of going on strike, so as to buy the sympathy of Nigerians, just the way the other medical workers got all Nigerians supporting their strike. I saw it coming that they will turn to the cane (Journalism) to publicize their fight against the Federal Government. I could not help but laugh at a MD consultant who told his colleagues that the battle for their continuous supremacy in the health sector which has now be removed, via the media will be won back through the media; hence they are ready to channel all the resources to use the media. Don’t worry, dear friends; many of my colleagues are waiting to lodge your money in their bank accounts, just to write to smile with your money to the bank, while they know the truth that your battle for supremacy has already been fought and lost. At the end of the day; the Nigeria people will be the judge, after all our reports in the media. Facts are sacred, opinions are freely given but when opinions are mixed with facts, they are supreme.
Finally, you acknowledge that the media is greater than the medical practice. Truly the pen saves more lives than the stethoscope and takes more life than the surgical knife or drugs can ever dream of. While we do not determine the conditions for associations going on strike; we owe it to the public to present to them if such strike is just and fair. We place their demands on Justita’s scale, that ever truthful Roman goddess of Justice. This write-up is for the market woman and the lay man on the street, who may be wondering why another set of doctors are on strike when they just finished experiencing one, hence it will be written in a very simple way.

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