Nigeria's foolish billionaire, Indimi.


Secret Reporters

The last may not have been heard on the scandals rocking Nigeria’s foolish Billionaire Mohammed Indimi and his daughters, as we unravel more mysteries which the public must know.

Our fact finding mission to Nigeria’s North, has open can of worms, as Secret Reporters gathered that, Indimi’s daughters, intoxicated by his wealth, Mohammed Indimi has influenced the lives of his daughters, by making them get lose, and so disrespectful to Elders and even their husbands at home.

Revelations have emerged that, one of his daughters, Rahama, is married to Mohammed Babangida, son of Nigeria’s former President, and our findings on her activities reveals that, Rahama has been an example of a disrespectful wife to the son of the former president, as she sees the father’s wealth as a leeway of influence in the society, and also a conduit pipe of exhibiting bad behaviours, yet the other Amina Fodio who is married to the Sokoto Caliphate Prince, toes the same path with the sister.

Not done with the Indimis’, our medium unraveled facts, that not only Rahama is in the habit of being disrespectful, his other daughters, Ameena Dalhatu, Amina, and Zahra, have assumed the position of a demi-god in their husband’s houses, as findings reveal, that their loyalty rather lies with their father, than their husbands.

We also gathered that, Mohammed Indimi takes his daughters away from their husbands’ houses, and travels with them at will, to any country he wishes, without any information or notice to their husbands to seek their permission to enable them travel.

Further findings on Indimi proves that, prior to his sudden ill gotten wealth gotten from oil wells in the Niger Delta, Indimi had shown disrespect to his son-in-laws, by not obtaining permission from them before he could travel with his daughters, but typical of a foolish billionaire, who is carried away with cash, our further findings shows that, he has assumed lordship over his daughters, with no regards to their husbands.

Our medium also uncovered that, the grand children of Indimi, hovers around, as their grandfather does not allow their mothers to stay at home to make them feel the love of motherhood.

***Watch out for more exposures on Mohammed Indimi on Secret Reporters ***

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  1. How is your own home, if the housband alow her to control him what’s your business ‘ mohammend babangida is equally rich you mine she is controlling him because of her fathers money, why can’t we mind our business.pls let’s try and make our own money then,,you will know the power of cash ‘ forget about them did they stole nigerian money…If The family indi I decides to help anybody so be it ‘ I am not a millionaire but I pray to God, every day send my helper to me, If God have use the ex president to help Mr idimi.he is just been how he spend or do with his daughters, live that ‘ to they inlows

  2. Everyone mind your business you have enough on your plates. Is it your money he can chose to do as he likes with his hard earn money. If he feels he doesn’t want to contribute to Nigeria it’s fine what have you contributed? Aside from this unrealistic gossip.

  3. I wonder why some people find it difficult to mind there own business. So what have you achieved from posting this??

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