Tuesday , November 22 2022


Secret Reporters

The Delta State Accountant General, Mr Cyril Agbele, will be a guest to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where he will be docked and charged on five count charges, SecretReporters can authoritatively report.

Multiple sources revealed to this medium how Cyril popularly called CY have turned himself into a demi-god in the account department since Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was sworn in. Our findings revealed that he sees the government as an Ika government and thus can do anything and get away with it.

“Staff runs for safety the moment CY enters the office, with everyone living in fear. If you make pim, he will slap you and redeploy you and no one dare challenge his authority here”, a source who’s familiar with his tyrannical rule in the office revealed.

A strong worded petition against him to the EFCC detailed over five companies which he’s fronting through proxies to collect contracts in the state and pays himself complete, even before the contract is executed, sources alleged. The petition before the anti-graft described Cyril as richer than fifteen commissioners in the State, which our independent findings can confirm.

According to the petition seen by this medium, Cyril collects 12% as kickbacks from contractors who want their payments processed very fast and anyone who does not give in to his extortion may have his payments delayed for almost a year and when it’s paid, it’s done in piecemeal, leaving such contractor frustrated.

When asked why the man has not faced media scrutiny since Okowa came onboard, Cyril bragged that “SecretReporters that should have monitored the Accountant General Office will not do it. If they dare, I know who to call and they will down their pen. If the person does not call them, I will walk straight to the governor even at night to tell him to call SecretReporters to order”.

Under former Governor Emmanuell Uduaghan, Cyril who was not qualified to be the AG was appointed into the position, where he turned it into a wine spot, drinking Crystal wine in the office, while treating files.

Calls placed to him from the newsroom were rebuffed.

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