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Unsatisfied with his covetous acts as the then Governor of Abia State, Senator T.A Orji has perpetually continued in his wickedness without conscience. Report reaching our news desk indicates that the immediate past governor of God’s own state, Theordre Orji and his son Hon. Chinedum Orji continually engage in evil wondrous acts.

According to press release obtained by SecretReporters, the former governor who is now the senator representing Abia central Senatorial district and his son Hon. Chinedu, Abia state House of Assembly leader are on an assassination deed against Don Norman and family. The victim, Mr. Don Norman who recently claimed that his life was in danger, has called on the law enforcement agencies to take heed to his plea.

Mr. Don Norman narrating his ordeal and encounter alleged that assassins were sent by Sen. T.A Orji and Hon. Chinedu eliminate his family, The assassins according to him were dressed in police uniform and sent to kidnap his children. The encounter which took place on Monday 25th April, 2018 was a planned attack, as the gun men dressed in full police kit went to the kids school located at Ajah Lekki Lagos, pretending to deliver a letter to the proprietress. On seeing the proprietress, they forcefully demanded her to show and release Dons children to them. The proprietress being smart and sensing evil informed them that the kids were not in school as they are SSCE final year students but assured them that she will provide them on Thursday 26th April.

Unknown to them that they had been tricked, they struck a deal with the lady to keep their presence and discussion away from the children or Mr. Don till the next day being Thursday 26th, April 2018. The lady who had pretended to have acquiesced in their plan quietly put a call across to Don Norman after they left and they both agreed to play along. At about 11am Thursday 26th, April 2018, they returned to the school premises again only to be told by the school security personnel that the proprietress was not on the seat and that the so called children they were looking for were done with their final papers since Tuesday 24th April, 2018.

The gunmen at that point demanded that the school management open the children’s file so they can have details of Don Norman’s address or alternatively one of the staffers of the school should take them to his residence. As the heated argument issued, the proprietress worried that they might succeed in intimidating the staff into doing their bidding decided to call Don to leave his house with his family if he was still in Lagos or stay in a safe place.

The accusations against Hon. Orji according to Don Norman reveal his running battle with Senator Orji on his breach of unsettled contractual agreement and Sen. Orji’s refusal to pay his outstanding bills. This also reveals his act of publishing news stories on the misappropriation of funds and awards of questionable contracts running to hundreds of billions of naira by the Abia State former governor between 2007 through 2015 which Sen. Orji perceives as a huge threat to his wonted scrupulous activities and position as a senator of the federal republic. This he says is the major reason senator Orji needs him and his family deleted from earth’s surface.

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