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Secret Reporters

Information reaching SecretReporters reveals how the salaries of Nigerian Police personnel were slashed, following the payment of salaries for the month of April 2018.

A document obtained by our reporter indicates that a total of 3,266 Police personnel salaries were short paid due to alleged system error which is gradually becoming a norm to cover greedy motives from the office of the accountant general of the federation.

According to a reliable source, this has been a recurring decimal to siphon money from the TSA, but rather than coming out straight, the Integrated Payroll & Personnel Information System (IPPIS) Division boycotts their monthly salaries and cook up lies by using “system error” as excuse.

To cover up his mischief, the Director of IPPIS, Olufehinti O. J. through the office of the Accountant-General of the federation, Federal Ministry of Finance issued a memo, with sole aim to deceive the populace thereby covering his fraudulent act, by saying the short-payment was a “system error”.

Sources disclosed that the IPPIS boss has been using his office to cut a huge percentage of the police salaries, not minding the implications it has on both the moral of the affected officers and their families who largely depend on them for survival, an act seen by many to be inhumane and a slap to the face of Nigerian’s ministry of finance. Police officers in Bayelsa also reached out to this medium, alleging slashing of their February salaries.

IPPIS secretariat is a Department under the office of the Accountant General of the Federation responsible for the payment of salaries and wages directly to Federal Government employee’s bank account since its implementation in February 2016, and with the present government operating a Single Treasury Account (TSA) 490 MDAs as at April 2018 have been enrolled into the system.

Some of the affected personnel, who spoke with SecretReporters, expressed their anger and dissatisfaction, over the act by the IPPIS boss, calling on the attention of relevant authorities to swing into action in order to forestall further occurrence.

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  1. Someone should sound a warning notice to that idiot Olufehinti or whatever he called himself, that he is playing with cobra head. Death is not far from him and his family.

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