Monday , November 21 2022


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Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, who rode to power through the instrumentality of change clamored by the youths, may be heading for the rocks if his recent action is anything to go by.

The Presidency released a statement of Friday that the number one citizin will be giving the keynote speech during the African Union (AU) meeting in South Africa, which prompted him to jet out of the country today.

Shockingly, Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report that during the 25th AU Summit which is ongoing in Johannesburg, Buhari was nowhere to be found to deliver the much hyped keynote speech.

The President who was meant to deliver a speech on NEPAD was however represented by an underling, whose name is not well known in the international community. The representative while delivering his speech urged NEPAD to prioritize industrialization, infrastructure, women empowerment, regional integration at the ongoing summit.

Multiple sources who reached out to us following a posting on the Facebook platform revealed that while on board the plane, the President felt uneasy and sick, an action they alleged may have forced his aides to rush him to an undisclosed location for private medical treatment.

In just 15 days in office he has jetted out of the country four times, while bombs keep on killing the electorates.

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