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Reports reaching Secrets Reporters news desk indicates that, there have been massive fraud in the amnesty program which the ex militants are still undergoing. Since last year up to this moment, money meant for the ex militants have not been paid, including text books allowances, etc .
The special adviser on amnesty to the former president, Mr. Kingsley Kuku and his committee have been fingered in this fraud, as money meant for the ex militants have gone into their private pockets.

The session in the schools attended by the Ex militants comes to a close this month, with the ex militants struggling how to cope with the excesses of school expenditure and feeding.

Although Kingsley Kuku has stepped down from his post as the special Adviser, the dirty deals in the amnesty program remains. The committee have signed for and collected the cash meant for the ex militants without paying them because they see it as an avenue to divert the cash since a new government has been put in place and much questions on their activities may not be known.

None of the students in UK, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Dubai, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries have been paid their text books allowance since last year.

Those fingered in this fraud includes;Mr.kuku, Mr Eugene Abels, Mrs. Oyanbo Owie and Timi (who allegedly warmed the bed of Kuku) are the persons using the money for their personal interest to the detriment of the ex militants and the purpose of the fund.

Secrets Reporters had earlier reported that the medical fees the amnesty office pay the schools all over the world are not used in the treatment of the students. Instead, the students use their personal money for feeding to treat themselves. This evil practice is still ongoing.

From our findings, it will be better for the amnesty committee to pay the medical fees directly to the students account to enable them the students pay for their medical bills themselves.
Mr. Michael Johnny is touted to be appointed as Special adviser to the president on Niger Delta amnesty program, due to his commitment in fighting against corruption in the Niger Delta State. The ex militants are already clamoring for his appointment to the position by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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