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Holy Corruption: Corruption Rocks Edo State EFCC Operations As Detective Oluwakemi Turns Self Into Lord To Defraud Suspects

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Detective OluwaKemi O. Olawoyin, a prominent member of the Cyber Crime Section (CCS 1) and the Sectional Head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Benin has found herself at the center of serious allegations involving excesses, extortion, and the unjust profiling of Edo State youths as fraudsters “yahoo boys.”

Report has it that Detective OluwaKemi, who is one of the senior officers in her station, has been accused of engaging in actions that undermine the very principles of justice she is sworn to uphold, leading to a call on Governor Godwin Obaseki by the Edo People’s Network (EPN), to intervene and launch a thorough investigation into the actions of OluwaKemi.

The group raised concerns about the alleged harassment and coercion of innocent youths in the State, who are reportedly being forced into plea bargains, having their properties confiscated, and experiencing a violation of their fundamental rights.

Disturbing reports have emerged detailing instances where Detective OluwaKemi arbitrarily arrested individuals, extorted money from them, and, in some cases, physically abused them. There are claims that she has been pressuring innocent citizens to withdraw money from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and hand it over in exchange for their freedom.

One aggrieved mother, Madam Patricia Ekeyede, has come forward to share her family’s ordeal. She recounted how her son and his cousin were allegedly harassed, beaten, and subjected to undue hardship by Detective OluwaKemi and her associates despite not being involved in any criminal activities.

The EPN, echoing the sentiments of concerned citizens, is urgently calling for a comprehensive investigation into the actions of Detective OluwaKemi. They emphasize the necessity of striking a balance between law enforcement and safeguarding the rights of innocent citizens.

While acknowledging the importance of combating internet fraud, the EPN stresses that such noble pursuits should never justify arbitrary arrests, abuse of power, or infringing on citizens’ rights in a democratic society. The organization implores Governor Obaseki to take swift action to protect the rights of Edo State citizens.

When SecretsReporters reached out to the detective, she said she could not discuss the matter as she does not talk to reporters. She claimed that her activities are in line with her office and that if the reporter wants any information, the official letter should be written to her office, adding that her responding to reporters is “taking laws into her own hands.”

She said, “I don’t talk to reporters, sorry. What is the matter about? Oga, you know I am a law enforcement agent; I don’t talk to reporters. If you have any verification to make, you meet my office officially. I don’t work on my own; I don’t take laws into my hands, I only work by the directive of my organization. Anything I do, I am covered by the law of my organization. I don’t arrest people on my own. Get in touch with my organization, please.

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