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For an organization or institution to thrive, it must be built on certain fundamental values amongst which are integrity and equity, and absence of these can portend doom for its continuous existence. However, some government institutions and agencies in Nigeria especially the Nigeria Police unwittingly trample on these values without any atom of remorse, as they have become specialist in carrying out fraudulent recruitments, promotions etc. without following due process.

Document made available to SecretReporters from a reliable source within the police ranks reveal that the Nigeria Police under the command of the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Kpotun Idris is allegedly a den of corrupt and fraudulent individuals who would go to any length to satisfy their selfish gains as against their responsibility to secure the lives of and properties of Nigerians. This according to our source is the reason why they are allegedly at loggerhead with the Police Service Commission over fraudulent activities and illegal special promotions of young officers.

Further information reveals that since his appointment in 2016, IGP Ibrahim has carried out large-scale special promotions of junior officers which is an infringement and contradiction of the law which formed the Police Service Commission led by Alhaji M.A.K. Smith IGP (Rtd), saddled with the onerous task of monitoring and supervision of the activities of the force as well as posting and promotion of officers into various ranks and offices.

In what can be clearly described as a one-sided corrupt promotion exercise, senior officers as well as officers who are due for promotion by reason of merit or gallantry are denied their promotion and are left to rot in their current positions while unqualified junior officers who appear to be the “butlers” of the IGP or loyalists of political bigwigs are recommended by IGP Ibrahim and promoted in quick successions above their seniors under the guise of special promotion exercises without following due process.

SecretReporters further gathered that the Police Service Commission in a bid to sanitize the Nigerian Police of what is believed by many to be a tradition of corruption and executive impunity reversed the illegal promotions and demoted the illegally promoted officers until a thorough investigation is carried out.

This action, however, did not go down well with the very corrupt IGP and his “brood of vipers” as it is alleged the IGP began threatening fire and brimstone on the commission, challenging its authority stating that they are supposed to report to him and not the other way round. It was further disclosed that the illegally promoted officers sued the commission to court challenging their planned demotion.

It would be recalled that the Police Service Commission is one of the fourteen Federal Executive bodies created pursuant to section 153 (1) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) vesting on it the powers to appoint persons to offices (other than the office of the Inspector General of police) in the Nigeria Police Force, dismiss and exercise disciplinary actions on persons holding any office in the force, be responsible for the appointment and promotion of persons to office amongst others.

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