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Nigeria’s Senate President, Mr Bukola Saraki has never claimed to be a Saint but a sinner. Even a sinner makes attempt to come clean before God and men, but not Saraki, as SecretReporters has exclusively obtained information on fresh money laundering involving him and some dormant accounts in Nigeria commercial banks using a front who’s a top lawyer in his native home.

Revealing to SecretReporters, a knowledgeable source disclosed how a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) who goes by the name Raji (other names withheld for editorial reasons), with an office in Abuja was used in diverting these funds from the shores of Nigeria. Raji we gathered specializes in aiding politicians to launder money to Europe and the Americas, especially Panama. He’s also alleged to be instrumental to Saraki’s court victory at the Supreme Court as he attended same school with some of the judges while in Zaria.

Findings by SecretReporters revealed that around March 17th and August 2017, Saraki who’s the campaign Director General of the Atiku Abubakar election campaign laundered a total of €2.1 billion in three tranches to Panama, which is an exchange rate of N8.6 billion with one Euro selling for N411. This was done through his legal front.

He did so by routing the money through France.  He subsequently entered Mecca, disguising to be there for the holy pilgrimage.  After some days in Mecca, Raji flew back to France from where the first tranche of the money was laundered to Panama via France.

He spent 8 weeks in the first leg of the infamous tour to Panama after laundering the first batch of the 2.1billion Euros.

In August 2017, the second and the last tranche of the money were routed to Panama via London-France-Panama thus the total money laundered between 17th March and August equalled to 2.1billion Euros.

Raji received 10% of the total amount laundered which was 201m Euros from which he bought 7 pieces of Hyundai and Mercedes cars from a car dealer (names withheld) in Abuja.

Calls placed to the Senate President were not immediately answered and he didn’t return our call as at press time. Messages sent to him were also not delivered by the service provider. He’s currently on tour with his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to campaign to the electorate to vote their presidential candidates in the 2019 elections.

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