…Builds 1 kilometer of road for N1 billion

An impeccable source in Ogun State whose name we will mention for the sake of this news credibility has divulged to a criminal act carried out by Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun.

Our source who is a Journalist with an Ogun State News bulletin called Ilese News Extra authoritatively revealed that the bill to amend the state pension bill was forged by the governor.

The pension bill titled ‘A BILL FOR A LAW TO AMEND THE PENSION REFORM LAW 2006’ was sponsored by Hon. Solarin Samuel and Co-sponsored by Hon. Sonuga Samuel, Hon. Adegbesan Joseph, Hon. Ojodu Olayiwola and Hon. Allen-Taylor Olufemi, all fdrom the Ogun State House of Assembly in 2013.
The bill after amendment was sent to the governor by the lawmaker and signed into law by governor Amosun on 25th September 2013. Documents made available to us have shown that the actual bill sent to the governor was not only doctored but the signature of the Clerk of the House, Muyiwa Adenopo who signed the bill was also forged. Some parts of the bill were also secretly expunged by the governor and his cronies.
The controversial part of the bill which we found out to be doctored as revealed by our source is the AMENDMENT OF SECTION 17 OF THE PRINCIPLE LAW. In the document obtained from the House of Assembly which was passed by them and sent to the governor for consent, it stated the following:
8. (1) As at the date of this amendment, the State and Local Governments Retirement Benefits Bond redemption funds account shall cease and be closed and the funds contained therein shall become payable to the State and Local Governments respectively.
However the Bill signed and passed into law Governor Amosun on the 25th September 2013, they criminally removed the word ‘LOCAL GOVERNMENT’ to allow all the Retirements Benefits Bond funds be payable ONLY to the State Government. The Bill signed into law read:

8. (1)  As at the date of this amendment, the State and Local Governments Retirement Benefits Bond redemption funds account shall cease and be closed and the funds contained therein shall be repaid to Ogun State Government.
A meticulous look at the signature page of the Bill purportedly signed by the Clerk of the House and the State Governor, it read:
This printed impression has been carefully compared by me with the bill which has been passed by the Ogun State House of Assembly and found by me to be a true and correct printed copy of the said bill.
According to our source, “The above forgery and deceit at the height of governance points to the impunity with which Governor Ibikunle Amosun continues to preside over Ogun State” 

Governor Amosun continues to hide the state’s total debt figures under his administration even as witnessed in his budget speech to the House of Assembly in November 2013. In the said speech, the YEAR UNDER REVIEW section deceitfully did not contain the achieved revenue figures in 2013 that funded the 2013 budget. Some Budget Analyst consulted by our source, Ilese News Extra stated that this may be because the Government is trying to hide the actual loans it may have taken in the year and which forms part of the year’s revenue, the actual Capital receipts (i.e loans, grants etc) they said, may not have been in accordance to what was approved in the 2013 budget, hence it was deceitfully left out when it ordinarily should have been part of the Year Under review figures. 
All hope was lost when the Ogun State people were told that the State House of Assembly passed the 2014 budget without receiving the debt stock figures from the Finance Commissioner. The Ogun State people do not know how much they owe arising from the road constructions in the state priced at N1billion/kilometer and much more in other instances. The All Progressive Congress governor who is gunning for re-election had earlier built the first air-conditioned foot bridge at a ridiculous price of N260million, a project widely described as a white elephant. 
With claims of development in his regime, sources have stated that the state governor has built the most expensive roads in Nigeria as well as bridges, with all the cost inflated.

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