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5 Suspected Accomplices

Lagosians and Nigerians stood appalled on October 20, 2020, as they witnessed what appeared to be the Nigerian Army execute unarmed peaceful protesters at the Lekki-Epe expressway toll gate. Now the question on everyone’s mind is who sanctioned these extrajudicial killings. 

Is #EndSARS Over?

For many, the #EndSARS demonstrations are a chance to vent out frustrations long overdue; but a closer look reveals a solidarity reminiscent of our founding fathers. A unity beyond ethnicity, race or sect. Now whether it achieves its desired outcome or becomes yet another hashtag… most uncertain.[DATAPHYTE]

Government Response To #EndSARS Protest

Recognising the #ENDSARS campaign, the Nigerian governor’s forum has resolved to activate a judicial panel of inquiry. But despite increasing promises by the government, security operatives continue to assault, brutalize, and kill protesters. [DATAPHYTE]

200,000 #EndSARS Tweets

The 200,000 strong Twitter presence for the #EndSARS movement spells success for Nigeria’s youths. Likewise, celebrity recognition proves the movement is gaining traction. The government’s varied actions, however, and climbing fatalities tell another story. Global attention focuses on #ENDSARS as celebrities support the cause.[DATAPHYTE]

Policing the Police

Over the years, the Nigerian Police Force has been characterized by inefficiency and unprofessionalism. This pilling misconduct has resulted in the dwindled trust and regard from Nigerians. Till date, several citizens regard the agency as one of the most corrupt. And in recent times, severe, perpetrating the violence they are meant to control.[DATAPHYTE]

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