Monday , November 21 2022


Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

The change that needs to occur in Nigeria is in many folds. For effective change to occur, the police and the judiciary must not be hampered in their discharge of their constitutional duties by attack by the surrogates of the shameless Nigerians who have converted our national treasure into personal property.

The recent invitation of politicians by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) was long overdue, and the sad thing is really in the operation of the EFCC.

When a complaint is lodge, the EFCC should investigate to the full extent that complaint and at the time of invitation must be ready to make an arrest. There is no gain saying that, the only thing that works in Nigeria efficiently and effectively is corruption. The government apparatus in Nigeria is very efficient and operate well, but only under corruption can any Nigerian see bold to testify in their church and mosque that corruption is not only our portion but indeed the blessings.

The senators and House of Representatives members that accompanied Mrs. Saraki to the EFCC office is a clear manifestation of the lack of decorum and respect for the rule of law in this country. The gang up and intimidation of the public workers trying to sort out looting and corruption must be respected.

A country wherein 57 senators saw fit to conduct election of principal officers and disenfranchised others, soon to be sworn members send a wrong signal and created a dangerous precedent.

A county where an opposition party sees fit to occupy and contest leadership position has a lot of learning and explanation to future generation. Nigerians must rise and defend our heritage and our money looted by few, who continue to run down the country through looting of public fund.

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