Monday , March 20 2023


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Call them super criminals and you won’t be wrong, just as calling them dangerous looters and you are just on point. They do not just steal money meant for their constituents but those remotely close and working for them are victims of their ruthless act of stealing. This is the story of how the lawmakers of Delta State milk their staff.

When Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa made it compulsory as the then Secretary to the State Government (SSG) that all political appointees should draw their salaries and allowances directly from source, it was with the best of intention, but this has been hijacked by the legislators.

Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report that over eighteen (18) members of the legislators with minimum of six (6) aides do not pay them their due salaries and allowances. We gathered that the highest among the legislative aides are paid between N100,000 to N150,000 with some receiving as low as N30,000.

According to impeccable sources, these lawmakers collect the money from the state treasury and instead of employing the stipulated number of aides; they go into the jamboree of having over twenty aides who will be shouting “honorable, your boys are ever loyal oooo”. The money meant for the stipulated aides is then shared among the others who are more of thugs used for menial and dirty jobs.

The aides during this medium visit to the legislative quarters live like slaves, especially their drivers, whose main duty apart from driving them around is to bring young ladies for them to sleep with, and massage their sagging bodies. Sources confided in us that most of these aides live their families in their respective local government to Asaba, hoping to be well paid and housed but this is never so, as they live in shackles while the lawmaker live like kings in the quarters.

Only few lawmakers like Hon. Daniel Mayuku representing Warri South West Constituency allow his quarters to be occupied by his aides while he stays in his personal apartment.

…To be continued

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