Tuesday , March 28 2023


It is unfortunate and pathetic that the change mantra has fallen to the evil hands of Bukola Saraki, the Criminal in embryo. Having failed to use the budget to lobby soft landing for his Code of Conduct Tribunal case, the budget have been passed after 3months of political game.

The approved document we all thought would be speedily passed into law, but President Buhari got another knocked when he discovered that the budget details were not attached by these dishonorable lawbreakers.
The question we are forced to ask now is why? Why must innocent Nigerians pay because you are reaping the evil fruits you sowed since 2003?

Nemesis is catching up on you and you became restless, restless to the point you forgot to attach details of our passed budget. The Kwara people are feeling more heat of your predicament as you continue to finance about 100 legal agents with little money coming through our internally generated revenue (IGR).

SARAKI, POSTERITY WILL CONTINUE TO HAUNT YOU as you cannot eat your cake and still have it. The only answer is to refund all our money and apologize to the people, I will be the first to prostrate on your behalf and plead for your forgiveness.

The earlier you discover and know you are wrestling with God, the earlier you know you are reaping the agony and pain you put on people of Kwara, the earlier you stop shouting persecution, the earlier you accept your fate and prove your innocence before CCT and Nigerians, the better for you.

The seat of the Senate is too sacred for criminal and bad antecedent felon like you to sit on. Save yourself the shame before it’s too late.

God bless our people of Kwara,
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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