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It is general knowledge that drug cartels are one of the most coordinated in the world with top guns retaining positions of power for donkey years while oppositions are met with brutal resistance; however, this may no longer be true today as it appears that a cartel within the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), has doubtlessly overtaken them.

SecretReporters gathered that the Lagos State branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has become a cartel or cult as every leadership position during elections are specially reserved for pharmacists who are either members of the cartel or those who may have signed a pact to always do the bidding of the cabals running the society turned cartel.

This was unearthed following a post made by a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) Lagos State branch who revealed that having encouraged his friend Jeremiah Babasanmi, to pick a form to contest during the forthcoming 2020 election of executive committee members, he was perplexed that his friend was denied access to the form at the Society’s State Secretariat in Lagos without any tangible reason.

A pharmacist who is also a member of the society stated that “For years, the irresponsible leadership of PSN Lagos has treated elections into the association like a cartel or a private business. That’s why after encouraging my friend Jeremiah Babasanmi to pick a form, he got to the Secretariat and they wouldn’t sell to him”.

In a bid to continually present feeble pharmacists who can be easily manipulated by the cabals, SecretReporters also gathered that during elections, forms are not sold to other pharmacists who indicate interest in the leadership of the society, while others who manage to pick the forms but are not members of the cartel are quickly disqualified on frivolous grounds.

Having a phobia for opposition in line with the mantra of the cartel, the nomination list which was circulated on Thursday, January 9th, 2020 in line with Article 9.2 (iv) of the PSN Lagos State Bye-Laws 2018 which was seen by SecretReporters, evidently showed eleven (11) pharmacists nominated for the vacant executive positions standing unopposed having denied every other opposition access to the forms or outrightly disqualifying them; this sources squealed has become a norm in PSN.

“I won’t be paying PSN Lagos dues until I have a right to run for office and I’ll advise every Pharmacist to ignore this petty secret cult. I’m particularly ashamed for the names in this list I used to respect. Because what do you call leadership if you’d only sell forms to your friends because you’re scared of opposition?” the pharmacist stated.

Pharmacists in the State have, however, threatened to boycott payment of dues to the society which they claim has been transformed into a secret cult run by a few but funded by many.

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