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Politics in Nigeria is seen as a dirty game as hoodlums and societal misfits have found their way into the once glorified platform through the menace of Godfatherism which has in no small way eaten deep into the fabrics of the society. Owing to this, most Nigerians are of the opinion that politics today has become a platform for power-drunk individuals whose god is their belly, to display their foolishness thus deepening the depth of poverty their corrupt practice has placed the citizens in. To remain relevant, this crop of unfortunate individuals have sworn to hold on to power by every means possible using nepotism and favoritism as a major tool to directly or indirectly have access to the “national cake”.

In other to have absolute power and control over the allocations accrued to local governments, it is public knowledge that various state governments have devised cunning means to bypass due process in the election of local government chairmen in their various constituencies and resorted to imposing candidates of their choice who eventually become puppets in the hands of their supposed godfathers who pride themselves as “political veterans”.

Information made available to SecretReporters has revealed that Delta State Government under the leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is alleged to have thrown every known democratic ethics and process in the appointment of leaders to the wind and have declared themselves as the “Alpha and Omega” over Deltans by continuously imposing illiterates and unqualified candidates on the people. Independent findings by us unearth how for several years, those who become local government chairmen is determined by the government and political bigwigs in the state who have interest in the massive resources and allocations of the constituency especially that of oil-producing areas.

Most evident is the imposition of the incumbent chairman of Warri South West Local government council Mr Taiye Duke Tuoyo who is alleged to be a stark illiterate lacking the technical know-how of governance and administrative practice. Our reporter gathered from insider sources that this was done in order to make Taiye a figurehead as well as a puppet in the hands of the state government and godfather, giving them total access to the allocations of the oil-rich region, an action which caused uproar and protests from Deltans who carried placards which read “No to imposition of candidates” amongst others. These protest, however, were unheeded as the “Alpha and Omega” has spoken and his word is law.

Another show of political dictatorship silently brewing in the state is the imposition of an unqualified candidate who is a special assistant to the Deputy Governor and a nephew to the erstwhile militant leader Mr Government Ekpomekpolo aka Tompolo as the sole candidate for the State House of Assembly to represent Warri South West Constituency.

Our source further disclosed that the imposition which is allegedly powered by Kingsley Otuaro is with strict orders to all other aspirants for the position to step down with immediate effect regardless of your party or affiliations as refusal will result to grave consequences. One of those who bought nomination form but has stepped down is Mr Frank Omare, who looted the treasury as Delta State Commissioner for Environment in the past administration.

The source also alleged that the practice of political dictatorship and imposition of candidates in the state has increased the number of miscreants and illiterates occupying sensitive public offices which have given rise to lawlessness in the state government house and massive looting by the state government especially local government allocations.

The Deputy Governor did not pick calls when we contacted him for his response to these allegations.

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