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Is Dollar Also Responsible for the Rise in the Cost of Locally Processed Foods Like Garri, Local Rice, and Others? What You Should Know!

inflation on Nigerian market

Secret Reporters Some Nigerians may be curious about the reasons for the country’s ongoing inflation, particularly, the rising prices of food locally produced in the country like yams, local rice, local beans, and garri. Aside from insecurity and season, many Nigerians don’t know that living in this country is largely …

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Unrepentant Fraudster: How Abubakar Suleiman Sterling Bank Helps Ponzi Scheme Operators Perpetrate Fraud Against Known Banking Laws

Secret Reporters With a name that bears resemblance to ‘Stealing’, Nigeria’s third-tier bank Sterling Bank is steering its operations towards crime that will see Nigerians become victims of what they never signed for. Eatrich Farms and Food Limited, an agricultural investment company that crashed after bolting away with over N25 …

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