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Information reaching us from reliable sources inside the Corporate Affairs Commission states that the mysterious disappearance and bizarre truncation of key evidences in the Saraki CCB case were perpetrated by Bello Mahmud, the Registrar General of the commission.

Bello Mahmud made key breakthrough evidences in the money laundry allegations leveled against Senate President Bukola Saraki disappear after receiving bribe. Our investigation confirms that when the files in question were requested by security agencies the Registrar General placed the files on Caveat which is to say that the files were brought to his table and therefore can only accessed by him or any other person authorized by him.

The Registrar’s office is located on the 6th floor. However, the filing room from where the files was said to have miraculously disappeared is located on the ground floor which is a usually open to all officials of the organization as well as lawyers and associates from outside the organization.

Our sources informed us that Bello Mahmud was paid to eliminate the evidence. As soon as he received the alleged payment which was said to be in a “ghana-must-go bag”, he traveled out leaving his personal assistant to do the dirty deed. As soon as the deed was done he returned. However, the same RG led the EFCC to believe that five junior male staff and two female ones who had no inkling about the alleged deal were the mastermind. The last trace of the files indicated that the files were last seen at the Registrar General’s office. The missing files were on the RG’s desk before going amiss.

Staff of the commission who were miffed by the detention of the 7 junior officers expressed that if anyone is to be arrested, it should be the Registrar General and his personal assistant and not innocent workers. A source from inside the Corporate Affairs Commission also informed us that RG and his personal assistant are usually the last persons to leave the premises; which is normally between 8pm to 10pm.

They usually stay behind after other staffs must have closed just so they can perpetrate crimes of similar nature. If the file ever got missing it must be between the people who wield the highest security clearance in the entire organization.

We also learned that there are cameras on every floor of the Corporate Affairs Commission and that there is a camera in the filing room as well. But to this present moment, we are unsure if the commission has reviewed footage from the camera the day the unfortunate event took place. This should provide distinctive evidence as to when and who the true culprits are. Information reaching us from sources inside the commission states that the scrapping of the automated online company search and registration platform by the Registrar General, Bello Mahmud has made the operation standard of the CAC less transparent.

Our sources told us that the Registrar General who is serving his second term refused to pay the I.T Company who setup and managed the platform in order to resort to the highly manipulated and archaic manual process.

He was left to serve a second term on the recommendation of those who he had helped doctor manipulate files.

This as reported has fostered more corruption as files belonging to politicians and other corrupt upper class go missing on a regular basis and the culprits have gone away with such dishonourable act unabated.

The board of the entire organization is characterized with fraud. Sources in the Corporate Affairs Commission notified us that most of these kinds of crimes are only perpetuated by people at the top of the chain of command.

This only points in the direction of the seemingly unquestionable and untouchable, in this case the Registrar General, Bello Mahmud. Staffs at the CAC Abuja headquarters expressed the Registrar General must be arrested, probed and prosecuted.

Source : Integrity Watchdog

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