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Anioma Voice Worldwide Inc ,the official spokes medium of the Anioma people of the Delta North Senatorial Zone of Delta State, hereby wishes to put on record, its position and that of the good people of Anioma nation, concerning the recent embarrassing outing of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi in his attempt the scuttle our collective effort at ridding our country of the evil plague of corrupt practices.

It has therefore become necessary to put the following on record; 1. During the last political dispensation, with Chief Peter Nwaoboshi as the then PDP Delta State Chairman, the Anioma people used his office as a rallying point to actualize our dream of having our son, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, as Governor of Delta State.

Following our struggle and with the support of other well-meaning Deltans, this dream was realized. As a mark of appreciation, the good people of Delta North Senatorial Zone, then went on to compensate Chief Peter Nwaoboshi with all support to enable him clinch the Senate seat. This was a gift on a platter of gold!

2. With the collective mandate of the Anioma people of the Delta North Senatorial Zone being given to Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, now a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, what we expected from him was nothing short of a firm and visionary representation. It is pertinent to note on the contrary, that with the Senator approaching the end of his 1 year in office, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi has remained a sleeping “Oracle” on the floor of the Senate.

3. While a number of issues were being deliberated upon on the Senate floor, our sleeping “oracle”, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, never deemed it necessary to consult his constituents or brief his constituents on these national issues. However, it is worthy of note that it took the recent travails of Senator Bukola Saraki to wake up our sleeping “Oracle”. Why would it have to be so? Did the dust raised by the Code of Conduct Tribunal sitting remind our Senator Peter Nwaoboshi that some skeletons needed clearing from the cupboard? This no doubt was the reason and motivation for Senator Peter Nwaoboshi and his co-conspirators to put forward and push for the so called Amendment of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Bill.

4. We the Anioma people, Delta Senatorial Zone, are well cultured and will always stand to uphold equity, fairness, justice and truth. We have never been known to support any act fashioned to further perpetrate crime or subjugate the course of justice. We would therefore make bold to state that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi never consulted with or had our support in his bid to upturn the course of justice. We are quite apologetic in noting that the rash and reckless action of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi may have been a response to the series of criticisms he has had to face from our people since he was sworn-in over his inability to make our voice heard on the floor of the National assembly. In truth, attempting to fight against the Anti-corruption war was not in any way, our people’s imagination on how to make our voice be heard on the floor of the Assembly.

5. As a people, the Anioma people pledge our support to Mr President’s efforts to curb corruption from our national system and we disown in totality the self-centered tendencies exhibited by Senator Peter Nwaoboshi. We have made our stand known to him that henceforth, he must not use our collective mandate to make submissions on sensitive national issues without consulting our people.

6. We want to thank the responsive people of Nigeria who set aside their political differences to stand in unity to fight against this tyrant and obnoxious bill aimed at making corruption a part and parcel of our constitution. To the National Assembly, we want to also commend you for the courage to discontinue with the bill as a result of the nationwide condemnation of it by Nigerians.

It shows that we now have a listening legislature and this is all good for our democracy.
Long live The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long live the Governor of Delta state.
Long live the Anioma people of Nigeria
Long live Anioma Voice.

Comrade Akamesike Manuel O’coney Chief Messenger, Anioma Voice Worldwide.
Comrade Iroroh Frank.
Comrade Emeka Igbe.
Comrade El Geoff.
Comrade Roderick Okolie

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