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After the dismal performance of Sam Nda-Isaiah at the just concluded presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC), some Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize him for wasting funds that could have been put better use.

Nda-Isaiah, like the four other APC candidates got the form for N27 million. He, however, managed to garner only 10 votes of the available 7,214.

Nda-Isaiah is the publisher of Abuja-based newspaper, Leadership. His alleged “squandering” of the huge cash might not be the only thing that displeased his critics.

Checks by The City Reporters found the Leadership’s website, which wore a wallpaper advert of Nda-Isaiah’s presidential bid, was not updated throughout the duration of the APC national convention held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos on Wednesday and Thursday.

As at the filing of this report, the most recent stories on Leadership’s website were posted by 11.44 a.m. on Wednesday.

“How could Sam Nda-Isaiah be this reckless, imagine what N27 million would have done for @LeadershipNGA?” a twitter user, @comr_roland asked, Thursday.

The tweet had another part that could not be published for the sake of maintaining media decency.

See the complete results of the APC poll:

Kwankwaso – 974 votes.

Okorocha – 624 votes

Nda-Isaiah – 10 votes

Buhari – 3,340

Atiku – 954 votes

Sixteen votes were considered invalid and declared void.

Another user, @peterorya tweeted, “Truth is Mr. Sam just wasted a whole N27m that could have been used to take many kids off the streets, it’s a shame to my nation.”

Other users, however, rose in defence of the publisher saying it was his right to seek elective post and so meet the requirements such could demand.

One of them, @akinolarj in reply to @peterorya, tweeted: “If the 16-year-old PDP experiment had not failed, there’ll be no kid on the streets.”

Former military head of state Muhammadu Buhari, 72, clinched the APC ticket and would now challenge President Goodluck Jonathan, 57, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the general polls scheduled for February 2015.

Source: The City Reporters

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