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President Goodluck Jonathan days may be numbered in Aso Rock if the evil curse placed on him by the various Obas of Yoruba extractions takes effect 21 days from now.
In a picture currently circulating on social media where Mr Jonathan had gone begging for endorsement and some Obas where pointing their swords at him, a Facebook analyst, Akinpelumi Akin-Shittu has broken down the symbol of what the rituals mean. According to him:

The 3 Iconic royal symbols in Yoruba lands are;
1. Ade (Crown) Which is worn by Kings to show royalty

2. Irukere (horsetail) This are used for blessings or praising someone or to show appreciation and in the process, the king can lay it on the person’s head or shoulder or can even be shaking or waving it.

3. Opa Aase (Staff of office) This only represent constituted authority, just like the maze used both in Senate and House of Reps. 

However, the walking stick used by the Ife Chiefs for GEJ is of no royal traditional benefits, rather, when used in Yoruba customs as ‘aroko’ message, it portends that the person it’s being sent to should vacate his or her position. And pointing at someone is a big calamity, meaning the person is doomed and ground (ile) has rejected the person.
Checks by Secrets Reporters revealed that this kind of curse takes place immediately after 21 days and it is ironical that it was exactly 21 days to the Presidential election that this curse was placed on him.
An online media, Elitist had earlier reported on how N750 million were shared to the kings just to secure this awkward endorsement

NOTE: The upper picture depict how Yoruba kings place a curse and the lower depicts true blessing

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