Wednesday , December 7 2022


Toroko Amos

GMB is an example of the average Nigeria elder who will never allow the younger people enjoy the privilege they enjoyed during their days. They rather feed on the younger generation.

GMB at 33years of age he was a governor of the north eastern states, at 34years he federal commissioner of petroleum and crowned his military career serving as president of Nigeria at 41years of age, He also served as chairman petroleum Trust Fund( PTF) under the Abacha Regime

A person this privileged to serve publicly in these numerous positions, should have used this offices to mentor younger Nigerians to become leaders by now, but shamefully GMB, is still contesting for presidency at the age of 71.

Though this is not  peculiar to GMB, he is a glaring example of this situation in the country. The elders never bow out of the stage when the ovation is high, they rather die in office, mentorship and been role model is not part of leadership in our country.

If at 71years, GMB cannot pick and support a younger candidate to contest for the office of the president he occupied at 41years of age, he is not qualified to rule this country again.

Any youth of about 33years of age still looking for a good job, yet to marry and is campaigning for GMB, shame! those doing that deserve slaps, at that age GMB was a Governor.

Am campaigning, Yes! for younger generation of Nigeria to be nurtured, modeled, mentored and allowed to take leadership positions in our country. We deserve 30% affirmation.

We need leaders who are not just honest but people who are role models, with moral authority, leaders who can point out their disciples making difference in society when they leave office and can confidently recommend them for  higher positions.

This culture of the old eating the young must stop.

Toroko Amos
Building the Nation

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  1. 1. Does Buhari stole Nigerian billion when in government?…NO!
    2. Does Buhari age beyond the constitutional allowed? ….NO!
    3. Does Buhari work with Sultan and Steal Nigerian money and instigate terrorism?…..NO!
    4. Why the issue of age while the young one such as GEJ are just disgracing Nigerians….

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