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Chief Godswill Akpabio during the dying days of his reign as Governor of Akwa Ibom State invariably popularized what later metamorphosed into a controversial slogan “OH! UYO”.

Political pundits and a great percentage of Akwa Ibomites thoroughly engaged their thinking and reasoning faculties in what became a futile bid to solve the “OH! UYO ” puzzle presented by Akpabio, who is now holding sway as the minority leader of the senate of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Barely a couple of years later, contemporary happenings in Akwa Ibom political terrain have seemingly resurrected that notorious exclamation . Constituents of Uyo Federal Constituency are wailing and exclaiming “OH UYO!” with renewed ferocity . Their constituency has been subtracted from the political equation of Akwa Ibom out of sheer political miscalculation, greed and ignorance of possible consequences . The constituency has again been labeled as a big-for-nothing entity.

When Eket Senatorial District made a case that they be given a chance at governorship, it’s on record that chieftains of Uyo Federal Constituency led by Prince Uwem Ita Etuk were the first and only federal constituency to advocate for equity and justice against Obong Bassey Albert who contested from Itu Federal constituency and Umana Okon Umana from Etinan Federal Constituency who fought up to the Supreme Court even after Udom Emmanuel was elected and sworn in as Governor. Now that it’s Uyo Federal Constituency’s turn to have a shot at Speakership after Itu and Etinan Federal Constituencies had taken their turns , WHY HAS THE SAME EQUITY AND JUSTICE BEEN SUPPRESSED?

I expected people like Prince Uwem Ita Etuk , Enobong Uwah, Sir Val Attah, Prince Godwin Ntukude, Tony Akan, Hon. Mark Esset and Otuekong Rapheal who are self acclaimed political leaders of Uyo Federal Constituency to speak out but to my chagrin they cannot rise in defense of Uyo Federal Constituency . OH! UYO” WHERE ARE YOUR PROPHETS ?

As a public affairs analyst, I can decode that the self acclaimed political leaders of Uyo Federal Constituency, who should fight for equity and justice are political appointees in the payroll of this government. They cannot utter a word In order not to be sacked. This silence makes me remember the likes of Obong Victor Attah ( Ibesikpo Asutan), Obong Rita Akpan ( Uyo), Senator Akpan J. Udoedeghe ( Uyo), Obong Sunny Elijah ( Nsit Atai), Gen. Edet Akpan ( Nsit Atai), Obong Emmanuel Obot ( Ibesikpo Asutan) , Dr. Emaeyak Ukpong ( Ibesikpo Asutan), Dr. Maurice Ebong ( Uyo), Hon. Kufre Etuk ( Uruan), Obong Okokon Etuk (Uyo).

And I repeat, OH UYO! WHERE ARE YOUR PROPHETS? Does it mean that Dr. Godswill Akpabio knew what will befall Uyo Federal constituency. Uyo federal constituency is the highest in voting bloc and also houses the seat of government. After being deprived of the Deputy Governorship position which was taken to Abak Federal constituency by the Annang cabal, Uyo has now lost the Speakership position to Etinan Federal Constituency again. OH! UYO, WHERE ARE YOUR PROPHETS?

From the foregoing, the salient questions which pop up are:

1. With this marginalization, will Uyo Federal constituency support Eket Senatorial District Governorship slot again in 2019?

2. Will they allow Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District to retain the Deputy Governorship position in 2019?

I have foresee a big crack in PDP in 2019 if this issue is not properly addressed by the ruling party in the state. This is the time to build and not to marginalize a strong support base like Uyo federal constituency. A stitch in time saves nine.

Ofonime Honesty is a journalist and General Affairs Analyst.

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