Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

To understand the rationale behind the very notion that five people out of an assembly of twenty people impeaching a speaker and sticking to their guns is to understand Nigeria I stand on solid ground to make a bold statement that these individuals may not have read the constitution and perhaps do not even understand the meaning of the lexicon democracy.

To attempt to justify the sealing of a house of assembly complex the sit of law makers is to not understand Nigeria You see Nigeria as a country has no business having state assembly as a full time work nor does Nigeria have any business making the National Assembly a full time employment.

It is only when this country pay the law makers salary based on pay as your seat that this rubbishing of the people’s mandate and this mentality of fight to death we have in politics will stop National and state assembly members are party members but once elected they seem to forget that Nigerians vote party and not individuals so party politics rule the Nation and it is in this stream of thinking that what is happening in Kogi is a failure of party politics but a gain for personal gains and not people gains.

So the court matter is pending and the party that control their members cannot stamp their authority on her members for the sake of moving the state forward or are they afraid that the members may impeach the new youthful governor Kogi saga must stop and the National Assembly were wrong to have usurp the function of that assembly all in the name of peace So if there is figuratively speaking no peace in the 36 states will the National Assembly seal off those assembly houses.

Democracy can only grow with the trouble that it brings and Abuja folks should let the states be and let the party leaders of the affected folks deal with the situation or the let the courts decide APC and PDP alike need serious training on the dividends of democracy and how it ought to be practiced.

Emmanuel Onuaguluchi writes in from the United States

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