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Fejiro Oliver

Once again, I’m tempted to reply to a press release
issued by the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) titled “I do not fault
their (APGA) rebuttal – Fejiro Oliver”, where various comments were made which I need to correct.
For the sake of posterity, my response to their
earlier press release titled “APGA denial of the secret document with Obaino
and matters arising” which was published by various news media WAS NOT A
as APGA would want the world to
belief. Instead, it was meant to right the wrong in their first press release.

I do not know what they constitute to be yellow or
gutter journalism, but it smacks of dishonesty when we begin to characterize
every bad report that are backed with relevant document as yellow journalism,
while the ones that praise us are elevated to investigative journalism; it’s so
I do not know what part of the report is fake as
classified by APGA’s media and publicity. Is it not true that Ndigwe is an S.A
to Victor Umeh or is it not correct that Chief Onwuka has been a Deputy
National Chairman (South) of APGA? Maybe we deserve to know the ‘correct’
details if Fejiro Oliver is wrong.
If APGA wants to teach journalists how to do their
work, by telling us to always get two sources to confirm their stories before
publications, I’m sorry to say that I will not be one of their student. What
other confirmation do I need when I tried to call their National Chairman’s
number, who was involved in signing the document, but his phone never rang and
had to send a sms which was delivered, but he never responded.
I do not want to believe that my refusal to be
persistence in my call to the chairman before the party eventually answer me is
a crime. If the report had involved the governor, Peter Obi, I would have known
who to call, but this certainly was not the case. Or was I suppose to wait for
them to give me part of the national cake to kill the story, as it is mostly
done in situations like this? I do not belong to the category of men who will
collect brown envelopes to kill a story, thereby mortgaging my conscience. If
that is my offence, let me commit such again!
Do we always have to go so low to classify whistle
blowing reporters as fame seeking journalists? I do not need APGA to get the
fame and I dare say with all modesty that I detest being in the limelight,
hence I avoid controversial reports backed with document, yet I have to do the
job which I am called to do. May I with all modesty tell APGA that I do not
need their secret report to garner fame; as the fame is already gained. May I
remind them that the secret daughter of Nigeria’s Guinness book of world
records holder, Senator David Dafinone was blown publicly by my humble self,
with documents attached, as well as the plan to perfect PDP winning of the just
concluded senatorial bye-election, which went the way I reported it, the money
spent by the Delta State House of Assembly members for their legislative
training in US, also being the writer of the satire about President Jonathan
Goodluck resignation speech leaking which was globally read, that I had to
switch off my phone due to the numerous calls coming in to confirm it. I could
go on and on. So you see, APGA is NEVER a source of fame, for whom God has
blessed, he has blessed!
Every journalistic standard to confirm the story was
conformed to and I will urge APGA to be more realistic in tackling the story,
by telling Nigerians whose signature are on the agreement and not twist my
reply to their rebuttal to tarnish the report. The onus lies on them now to
convince the world, especially Anambra citizen, not teach how to be a reporter.
Still yet I do believe that they have a right to refute it, which is what I
“It is our job to expose; it is their job to refute,
but it is the job of the public to decide on the truth”, so was I taught by my
communication lecturer many years ago in the university. This is my story; this
is my stand!
These little things matter…

Oliver, a Journalist can be reached on and +2348026797588 (sms only
please).  Engage him on twitter
@fejirooliver86 and Facebook; fejirooliver86. Like our Facebook page-

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One comment

  1. I have read with much disappointment the document currently circulating online and purported to be between three key players in the Anambra political landscape. While the issues raised by this document are of serious consequence, I cannot but be amused at the cheap and poor quality of the purported agreement.

    In the first instance, parties to such agreements representing another legal entity must be in a position to derive benefit in their official position not in their personal capacity, for it to have any weight in law. Therefore, if Victor Ume and Austin Ndigwe have contracted an agreement in their personal capacity, they cannot be said to be acting on behalf of APGA.

    The reason for the above is simple; the document does not recognize them as chieftains acting on behalf of APGA but as individuals acting in their own right. While not holding forte for the individuals mentioned above, it is clear that even if the document were valid, APGA is not bound by it as it is not a party to it, even though the individuals concerned are current national officials of the party. For this particular reason, I will advice APGA to stay clear of this document. IT HAS NO BEARING ON IT (APGA) AS A LEGAL ENTITY.

    As far as the purported agreement is concerned, they are not acting on behalf of the party. It is pertinent to note that, if the document cannot be connected to APGA, it therefore cannot be leaked as a document emanating from within the party. This thesis alone raises a significant red flag that, it is a fake and nothing more than an underhanded plot to seek political advantage.

    On further scrutiny, it is clear that the authors of the purported agreement failed to take the following critical point of law into account. Non-contracting parties cannot be bound and liable in any agreement they are not signatories to whether in person or by assigns. Therefore, the purported document is null and void, having prescribed roles and responsibilities for other eminent citizens of Anambra, whom I would rather not name so as not to continue to associate them with this despicable act. However, including them in this document further raises one’s suspicion that the purported agreement is a fraudulent document and has no connection to the mentioned contracting parties.

    In conclusion, it is my view that a serious investigation of this whole debacle should be conducted, and if the parties mentioned are found to be culpable, they should be brought to book. However, if in the most likely scenario that this is just another malicious, vindictive and opprobrious attempt to besmirch and denigrate the reputation of upstanding Anambra citizens mentioned in the purported agreement, then the full weight of the law should be applied to every person behind this sinister machination.

    Anambra cannot afford to be in the news for the wrong reasons anymore. We must build a legacy for our children.

    Emeka Obi-Eze – Lagos

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