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“I am against Government by crony.” Harold Ickes

In the words of David Rockefeller, he said, “I believe that Government is the servant of the people and not their master.” The Udom Emmanuel’s administration, after seventeen months in the saddle of governance, needs no introduction, as to the direction the government is headed.

Ridding on the back of his political benefactor, the Akwa Ibom State Governor, popularly known as a dummy Governor, has continued its much touted industrialization drive on ground breaking ceremonies.

It is imperative to note that, after assuming office as Governor, Udom Emmanuel has tried his best in developing his country home at Onna, as the saying goes, that charity begins at home. The government of Udom can only be felt on the pages of local papers in the state, as the supposed business school Governor takes his business idea into
ground breaking.

One will wonder if Udom throughout his stay in his so called business school was only thought ground breakings.
He had refused to repair the inter streets in the state, until the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), came to the rescue of the people in the state. Although, hitherto, the government went about deceiving unsuspecting members of the state, that it was Udom who was repairing the roads, until their lies were busted by the NDDC.
On Thursday, November 3,2016, the deceitful government of Udom, will prepare their N2,000 peanuts to give to the unemployed youths in the state, which they have mobilized, to lend a voice to the failed administration of this dummy Governor, by trekking for kilometers.

No sane and gainful youth in the state will participate in such trash of trekking because of showing solidarity to a government the people have not felt its impact, except the few cabals who parade themselves as the high and mighty in the state with empty brains.

Any unemployed and jobless fool will gladly join this trekking just to show Udom that they are on ground with empty stomachs.
An average Akwa Ibom person has a complex issue, as they cannot even go close to a mere commissioner, as the government officials see themselves as demi-gods, and capitalize on the weakness of the people to continually oppress them as they are also seen struggling and fighting each other to become a common Special Assistant or Personal Assistant to the Governor, just to remain in the scheme of things.

To demonstrate its oppression, a common commissioner for science and technology in the state, was once reported to have diverted laptops meant for trainees.

Rather than sit back and focus on governance in the state, Udom has enjoyed enough time in the media, and has recently cancelled the recruitment exercise of 5,000 teachers employed by his political godfather.

The youths of the state, instead of embarking on a wasteful stage managed trekking, which will end up giving them peanuts as take home, the Akwa Ibom youth should demand for an accountability and yearn for better governance from this directionless government of Udom Emmanuel.

It is my take, that this government should face the business of governance and implement projects that will be beneficial to the state, and not organize a fake solidarity march for nothing.

Thursday remains a working day, and as such, youths of the state ought to be in their lecture halls of study, business places, or offices, and not on the streets trekking for a Governor they will never see, and does not know you.
“ If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the Government,” the eternal words of Emiliano Zapata


Eneh John is the Managing Editor of Secret Reporters news, and Secretary, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COHRD)
Email: enehjohn33@gmail.com

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