Monday , March 20 2023


Secret Reporters

As the need for corporate organizations, political actors and well-meaning individuals to donate towards combating the scourge of the novel Coronavirus rises daily, the true nature of political figures in Delta state especially those from the Isoko ethnic nationality signalling that they are only interested in the votes of the people and not their welfare has finally been revealed.

Information available to SecretReporters reveals that while the Isoko Nation anticipated huge donations from their leaders having allegedly spent over N2 billion on campaigns in 2019, they were disappointed to discover that the total sum donated by their leaders, to the whole Isoko nation to combat hunger as well as curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak was a paltry N4,900,000 (Four Million Nine Hundred Thousand Naira).

“If this money is really used, how many N50 Indomie go reach one person in Isoko? These Isoko Reps must step up. This is not good at all” lamented a source who was pained by this action.

Not minding the extension of the lockdown by an additional 2 weeks, SecretReporters gathered that the purported House of Representatives billionaire Leo Ogor, who has been reelected into the House for a record 4 terms donated a paltry Five Hundred thousand Naira (N500,000) to combat the COVID-19 outbreak and hunger occasioned by the lockdown.

Joel Onowakpor, who was an opponent of Leo Ogor in contesting for the seat to represent the Isoko people in the green chambers under the All Progressive Congress, chose to follow behind as he did during the 2019 elections by donating a measly Four Hundred Thousand Naira (N400,000); a donation many consider to be an act of wickedness towards the Isoko people since he was the immediate past boss of Delta State Board of Internal Revenue and the owner of Elomax Hotel adjudged to be the biggest in Asaba the state capital.

Perhaps not wanting to donate more than their colleagues in the upper house, the two lawmakers representing Isoko in the State House of Assembly donated N500,000 each towards the cause.

“Now compare this to what they spent during the last elections. If I’m not mistaking, these five persons spent close to N2b on Isoko Nation. Now donate for these same Isoko people to survive, they squeezed N2.9m out. Oh, God! Is this wickedness or what? We no dey shame sef?” an Isoko indigene lamented.

In the same vein, it was also gathered that James Manager, the senator representing Delta South Senatorial District in the red chambers in fulfilling all righteousness donated a mingy One Million Naira (N1,000,000) as his initial contribution before dolling out an additional two Million Naira (N2,000,000) making him the highest contributor with a total of N3 Million.

With the extension of the lockdown by two weeks, some indigenes of the Isoko Nation have opined that the actions of these Stingy souls probably because they are saving for the next election hence are less concerned about the welfare of those they represent will not go unanswered as they will be more decisive in flushing them out of power come next general election.

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  1. Fejiro, are you surprise? That is exactly what Nigerian politics represents. They paid you to get your vote so you don’t deserve any monetary donation in time like this. We should no deceive ourselves. Nothing good can ever come out of our democracy. Let’s go back to military

  2. I’m glad the truth is spoken for once. Kudos to the writer. Isoko Leaders are self centered. their aims are to acquire mansions and kill cows in daily basis. They have turned Isoko nature to epitome of mockery. Their days are numbered….

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