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Secrets Reporters

One of the men who will have to explain many things to the Financial Regulatory Council of Nigeria (FRCN) when General Muhammadu Buhari takes over will be the co-owner of Access Bank PLC, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede; by telling the world why his bank has broken every known rule of labor in Nigeria and world.

This financial institution known for aiding politicians in looting their state Secrets Reporters is not truly what it say it is, especially when their adverts running on television stations claims to employ the best hands in the banking sector.

Sources within the bank reveals that like the proverbial prayer of “may I not work like Elephant and eat like ant” is the reverse here, as they work like Jackals and Elephants, yet eat like ants. We gathered that Access Bank branches nationwide which flows with staff are not the owners of the staffers they claim to be theirs, as each of the branches have only THREE pensionable staff, namely the branch manager, operational manager and any marketing staff who serves as the branch team leader and must have brought enough capital to the bank, mainly ladies who have been sent out for corporate prostitution.

All other workers are mere contract staff who can be fired anytime without reasons or query issued to them. These ones we can report authoritatively will work all the days of their lives without entitlement to any pension benefits, Medicare allowance, training and re-training, leave allowance. The only allowance the lucky ones among them get is car allowance which is granted them, as a way of deceiving the unsuspecting public that they are well employed and paid. “It is all pulling wool over the eyes of Nigerians”, our source within the bank affirms.

Marketers Nightmare

Those who are unfortunate to be employed as marketers are stylishly told from day one to be prepared to do anything to keep their job.

In what can best be described as point and kill, the marketers we gathered are mandated to bring a deposit of N500 million monthly by whatever means. A female staff who works in one of the branches in Lagos is currently on the verge of resigning as she can no longer copes with ‘sleeping with numerous men whom you don’t even know he spirit they carry”, she lamented to this medium.

These marketers get their promotion through what they are able to deposit in their various branches, with grades ranging from A to E. Whoever is marked with the red pen and graded ‘E’ thrice is as good as being sacked, another source stated.

Secrets Reporters investigation reveals that these casual workers are paid stipends of Sixty Thousand Naira (N60,000) to N65,000. It is from this peanut that they are have to wear the most expensive suits and shoes while refueling the cars given to them on loan payment

***Watch out for those behind this dirty deal

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