Thursday , July 28 2022


In what can be termed a dangerous step for Nigeria and probably cause loss of lives during the August 8th Governorship election in Osun State through stray bullet caused by drunkenness, we have uncovered a spot where the Nigerian army deployed to the state ‘enjoy’ their lives and leave their guns at the mercy of civilians.

Our source in Osun State who saw the soldiers coming into the state from different directions confirmed to us that they gather at a popular brothel called Angle 90 at the back of Osogbo local secretariat at night drinking and having sex with the sex workers there, while their guns lie down unattended to.
We gathered that the prostitutes who rub their heads as they sit on their laps are allowed to touch the guns, while they smooch them. A source that was close to a suya man who sells close to the place lamented how Nigerian soldiers have become lovers of the world that they leave those they are meant to protect to stay with women of easy virtues.
Another source in the place who was asked what the soldiers were there to do replied in Yoruba “won jaye oloba” meaning “they are enjoying a king’s life.

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