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Delta State remains the only place in Nigeria where each of the senatorial district has a polytechnic, in Oghara, Ozoro and Ogwashi-Ukwu, all built by former governor James Onanefe Ibori.

The emergence of immediate paste administration of Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan was meant to build additional four to add to the existing ones, but we can authoritatively report that despite money budgeted and pumped in the project, not a single block has been erected in Aboh, Abigborodo, patani. The case of Aboh is most pathetic.

Abandoned Aboh Polytechnic
Abandoned Aboh Polytechnic

Information available to us revealed that Uduaghan proposed the building of the four tertiary institutions in 2012 when it forced it into the budgeted at the cost of N1 billion each, with additional N2 billion pumped into it in the 2013 budget.

The proposed Aboh polytechnic was awarded to a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Godswill Obielum, a popular gubernatorial serial failure, who lives off government contracts but never deliver.

The Aboh school which Uduaghan spent N3 billion on
The Aboh school which Uduaghan spent N3 billion on

Again, in 2014, Uduaghan wasted another N3 billion in the project with additional N2 billion to be spent according to the 2015 budget which is a total of N12 billion ‘stolen’ for the polytechnics, yet they are far from even laying of foundations.

Aboh polytechnic used in siphoning state money
Aboh polytechnic used in siphoning state money

Lying on why the Aboh own could not be built after diverting the funds to private pocket, the former governor during the commissioning of the 14.7km Ashaka/Aboh (another project used in looting the state for 8 years) stated that the community gave them a swampy land, which has caused the project from being done.

Aboh polytechnic which never took off
Aboh polytechnic which never took off

A visit by Secrets Reporters team to the site counters the position, as the supposed site is not only a dry land but a good site with no water surrounding it.

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