By Agada Ikechukwu

The horrific emergence of Boko Haram (Fulani Herdsmen) cloned “Hakika Militia” in the face of deliberate and organised holocaust against Christians calls for immediate proactive emergency to save lives and our nascent democracy from the ticking time bomb.

These Buccaneers would rather wade through a lake of boiling steel than stop killings as they have turned Nigeria to a theatre of bloodbath in recent times (My condolences to the bereaved).

They have consistently steadied their activities with a heat that catches like wildfire on Nigerians especially Christians, forcing the relatives of the victims to make peace helplessly with their grief in a nation that boasts of security agencies. Nigeria’s history is obviously littered with the bloodletting activities of these Axemen.

The fall of our once A-list rated security agencies from grace to grass no doubt, resonates the tragedy of a contrived metaphor. Like the metaphorical nightingale and desperate soldiers are our security agencies at their tethers end. Nigerians were flummoxed at the turn of events at the “Ekiti Government House Gate” on Wednesday. On that dog’s afternoon, security agencies in their desperation to vent and reenact the impossible, like the proverbial soldiers starving to death in the battle trench; as their drought persisted, the latter abandoned prayers, marched up the hills and began to shoot at passing clouds to hurt the heavens for abandoning them.

In the currents of criticisms and wild offensives trailing the “Ekiti Gate” muscular parade, the security agencies have taken to vague ministrations as a way out of the hooks. This pedestrian approach to politics gives the current federal government away as playing to the gallery. The “Ekiti Gate” is a specimen of the impending horror of 2019 Armageddon. Militarization of Ekiti election without adequate protection of lives and property of the citizenry daily mowed by the cattlemen as enshrined in the oath of office administered on the President is a charade.

The ugly and painful comparison of killings as opposed to the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration made by a senior media aide of the President was the height of irresponsible journalism and a total desecration of the oath of allegiance sworn by the President on assumption of office.

The executive order 006 signed by the President as a declaration of war on corruption is politics taken too far (though I do not hold brief for corrupt elements). Administering such legislation by a government whose antecedent of fighting corruption is not holistic but selective is an aberration that cannot stand the test of constitutionalism. It is a vendetta tool aimed at castrating the oppositions financially ahead of 2019 general elections. The legislation is a duplication of the EFCC and ICPC acts which empowered the courts to confiscate assets of corrupt elements because the Nigeria justice system is accusatorial (you are presumed innocent until proven otherwise by the law). It deliberately demystified the powers of the National Assembly and Judiciary to make and interpret laws respectively. The order is a draconian exercise that gives a lot of discretional latitude and conferred undue executive powers to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and President to cut perceived enemies to size in total violation of the spirit and prophecies of the constitution.

The plotters of this ongoing executive rascality should know that power is ephemeral like dew in the sky; it appears now and disappears the next seconds. They should know that no man no matter how highly placed can bargain with history.

Fighting corruption should be within the ambits of legal and legislative organograms else it becomes rule of tongue instead of rule of law. In the spirit of redemptive messianism, we say “NO” to the ongoing ethnic cleansing, executive braggadocio and uprising of militia groups with religious agenda.

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