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Saraki left the PDP for personal reasons, not because he wanted CHANGE. This is evident in his behaviour since APC became victorious. APC trusted Saraki, took control from Belgore just to please Saraki. APC asked both Belgore and Lai Mohammed to relinquish the state leadership to Saraki. While Lai choicelessly agreed, Belgore left APC saying ‘I can never be in the same party with Saraki talkless of him leading me’. Raji Fashola spoke and appealed to his bosom friend Belgore not to leave APC but the latter sought Fashola’s understanding on the fact that Saraki is not a human being and that APC will regret having Saraki in its fold.

APC openly celebrated Saraki. Saraki nominated every single political appointments in Kwara. He took over the structure of the APC in Kwara. APC narrowly won Kwara with a little over 100k votes above the PDP. Race for Senate Leadership began. This slot would have naturally gone to the SE had Ngige or other experienced APC senatorial candidate won but APC NASS conflict’s foundation was laid by the rejection of the party in the SE! Therefore, 3 major lucky contenders were jostling for the Senate President position. Lawan from NE, Saraki and Akume from NS all wanted to fill the vacuum created by the SE.

Buhari and APC preferred Lawan from the NE instead of Tinubu’s friend Akume and Atiku’s choice Saraki. Tinubu being a smart man quickly asked his friend Akume to step down for the Party’s and President’s choice Lawan. Akume, another reasonable politician agreed!

Tinubu is not just a driver, he also knows when to accelerate and when to step on the brakes!!!
Atiku and Saraki kept on accelerating even when it was obvious that the duo have approached the zebra crossing!!! A warrior that knows how to fight that does not know how to run when necessary will eventually perish in the battlefield!

Saraki and his pushers became arrogant and resolute to disgrace the APC and the President. All appeals by leaders of their party did not hold water. Saraki said he wanted due process, hence, the party organized a primary election to please him. In the open and transparent due processed primaries, Saraki lost the election and instead of staying within his team and agree with the APC Senators decision, he betrayed the APC and teamed up with the PDP to steal the hard earned victory of the APC through the back door. He wanted SP even if heavens will fall.

He eventually stole it while 95% of his colleagues were away, he joined the PDP to ridicule CHANGE. He did not stop there, he made the PDP DSP!!! Ha! What wickedness??? What a deadly traitor??? The party was battling with the humble pie and sought further reconciliation by asking Saraki to give other leadership positions left to its preferred choices, at least to calm nerves and save the party from national disgrace, but Saraki once again injured the party and announced his own preferred choices behaving like ‘IGE ADUBI’ the one who cares less whether or not his mother or father died on the day of his birth!

The intentions of Saraki became very clear to APC. He wants the APC to fail, disgraced and destroyed for ambitions that have 2019 written all over it. He had gone back to his former husband the PDP, a party many of them left because they said “its a den of corrupt visionless people”.
But the concern of Buhari is different from the APC’s. Buhari wants to eradicate corruption but how can Kwara Corruption King lead from the senate??? Number one priority of Buhari’s administration has been ambushed by thieves from the NASS. Buhari, a soldier and a war tested veteran will not give up the fight to eradicate corruption in Nigeria.

His preference for Lawan has nothing to do with politics but with policies! Saraki obviously has constituted himself to be a clog in the wheels of CHANGE. He had become the arrow head of Business as Usual in a government of CHANGE!

Therefore his book of remembrance was opened. His judgement became expedient. Since he wanted to be one of the leaders in the government of Change, he must be thoroughly searched.
Buhari the first leader had been searched, Osinbajo the second leader had been searched, so why will Saraki the ‘third’ leader avoid search??? You cannot eat your cake and have it!!! And as each day progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that this 8th assembly led by Saraki would be the butt of all jokes. Imagine an assembly that a bill as important as the money laundering act from the president is toyed with since January, while the one involving CCT that is to ‘help a neighbour while his house is burning’ scaled second reading within 48 hrs.
What a big shame to the nation.

Until a selfless leader emerges as the senate president, even the one who professes common sense would continue to be a tiger on twitter and a cat on the floor of house. We the people must rescue our nation from the greedy lots who call themselves senators. ‪#‎OccupyNassNow‬ is a MUST.‪#‎SarakiMustResign‬ is non-negotiable.

Those who want to hold high positions in Nigeria would henceforth check themselves very well. You dare not present yourself if you have skeletons in your cupboard.
This is not a joke! CHANGE has come to Nigeria and he who must come to equity must come with clean hands!
And that is what we mean by Common Sense Revolution!


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