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As the President Jonathan administration continues to face protest from various sector of the country, foremost technological institute in the country, National Centre for Technological Management (NACETEM), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) may be closing down the technology institute if their plea is not granted.

In exclusive documents made available to us, we gathered that the lecturers and researchers of the institute rejected the imposition of Mr. Yusuf Abdullahi Muhammed, a HND holder in Accountancy to superintend over the research institute that has over 10 PhD holders and over 30 Masters Degree holders, thus making him a Director General (DG) due to longevity of service and not merit. 
Our personal investigation reveals that the agency being a technological institute is mandated to have an administrator from the technological or science based area. According to the documents, putting a HND holder ahead of qualified PhD holders in technological management and with years of experience will drag the research institute backward. Information at our disposal to us shows that the board made an error in appointing Mr. Muhammed as the DG, as the practice had always been to have a PhD holder in Technology Management, Science, Engineering or Social Sciences as the DG; and such a person must have been an academic or a researcher with substantial experience 
The source who confided in us stated that the board jettisoned all the aforementioned qualification for seniority, which favors Muhammed, a man widely regarded as their crony. Further revelations shows that the board re-wrote the NACETEM draft enabling law to suit their ulterior motives in installing their choice candidate as DG. We gathered that the agency had been working on a draft enabling law, which has been considered by the NACETEM Management, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The draft copy was also considered by the newly inaugurated board at its inaugural meeting held on 17th October and another held on 5th and 7th November 2013. Shockingly, an abridge version which we have in our possession sponsored by Muhammed was considered by the same Governing board at its special board meeting held in Abuja on 20th November 2013 to pave way for him.
According to other impeccable sources, Mr. Muhammed has been issued an order by the immediate past DG, Dr. Willie Siyanbola to commence immediately on his mandatory pre-retirement leave from November 1st haven spent eight years in service as a full fledged Director, from there he will retire completely on February 1st 2014 from the public service. 
When asked what the position of the lecturers are over this pressing issue, the source stated that the Minister for Science and Technology has been written to, asking her to appoint another DG with PhD in technology Management, Sciences, Engineering or Social Sciences from the pool of qualified persons in the institute. They also mandated the i to be reconstituted and filled with technocrats, with a South West person in it as against the current board that has none. This demands the source noted must be met within 72 hours so as to avoid causing Mr. President any embarrassment with series of protest. 
Unconfirmed reports reported to us reveals that millions of Naira has been misappropriated by some top shots in the agency with the connivance of some of the board members. We gathered that the desperation to cover the tracks led to the appointment of Mr. Muhammed who has all details of the financial recklessness being an accountant.
As at the time of filing in this report, Mr. Muhammed has not been able to show the letter from the Minister mandating him to be the DG of the agency.

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