Monday , November 21 2022


Mr Joseph Mbu, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) new Commissioner of Police has declared Abuja as a no man’s land, as he is there to police and not play politics.
 “Today, I have assumed duties as the new Commissioner of Police in charge of the FCT. I am not here for politics. This is Federal Capital Territory, a no-man’s land. We are here to do policing and that is all”, he said on Monday.

He warned against anybody trying to intimidate his officers, as he is ready to instill confidence in them. 
 “I must tell you that I have to build confidence in my policemen. My policemen must work with confidence, without fear of intimidation. You are driving against traffic or doing that which is not good and a policeman accosts you and you start yelling on him that you are going to call the CP or the I-G, I will not accept that. I will defend my policeman as long as he is doing the right thing.”
Warning the officers, he noted that indiscipline will not be taken from any of them, as they are paid to protect Nigerians. “I will not condone indiscipline and incivility to the public. Every policeman in this command must be very hard working. We are paid for others to sleep.”
Issuing threat to Journalists, he vowed to ban any of them who write report without confirming it.
“I want to advice that if you come here, you need to confirm the story from the PPRO, DCP (Administration) or the CP. If you do not confirm and you go and write rubbish, I will block you from coming into this headquarters.”
The very controversial CP was transferred from Rivers State where he became a terror and a tool to Nyesom Wike, an ally of President Goodluck Jonathan

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