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M.O.R.E Loans: Delta State Governor,Sheriff Oborevwori to Spend Nearly N10 Billion On Official Vehicles In 2024

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In a head-scratching move that further confirms that he is following his predecessor’s blueprint, Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has flamboyantly earmarked billions of Naira to secure a fleet of vehicles for his use in 2024.

According to details buried inside the State’s 2024 appropriation bill, the fifth democratically elected Governor of Delta State has perfected plans to spend nearly ten billion Naira on vehicles alone for the government house.

The budget, which was obtained by SecretsReporters, revealed that the sum of nine billion, nine hundred and ninety-eight million Naira (9,998,000,000) will be spent by the State’s leader for the “Purchase of Vehicles.”

The appropriation bill, which was recently signed into law by Oborevwori, did not reveal the number of vehicles that his government intends to purchase in the coming year.

Meanwhile, a check on the 2023 budget revealed that Oborevwori’s predecessor, Ifeanyi Okowa, who has been largely accused of being a ‘traitor,’ budgeted a larger amount for the purchase of vehicles.

This online media gathered from the 2023 appropriation bill that Okowa, who surreptitiously emerged as the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2023 election after signing an agreement accord with his Southern Counterparts never to allow a Northern candidate to pick the baton of the Presidency, budgeted N16,743,562,780 for the purchase of vehicles.

It is unclear what happened to the fleet of vehicles bought by the immediate governor for Oborevwori to budget such a humongous amount on fresh vehicles when the State is grappling with the economic crisis.

It is germane to state that the 2024 budget is Oborevwori’s first full-scale budget since he picked the baton of leadership as the oil-rich State’s number one man on May 29, 2023.

Oborevwori rode to power on the mantra of M.O.R.E, an acronym for Meaningful development through the provision of Opportunities for all through Realistic reforms and Enhanced peace and security for all.

Recall that in September, he was ‘expectedly’ scored high by his party, the PDP, after his 100 days in office. However, the State’s Chapters of the All-Progressives Congress and Labour Party slammed Governor Oborevwori’s performance.

According to the two parties, Oborevwori had nothing to celebrate aside from his penchant for more ‘Borrow Borrow.’ They also noted that he was yet to be his own man, adding that he was often told what to do by his predecessor.

“Every policy decision and direction are being teleguided by the immediate past governor (Ifeanyi Okowa) of the state as the puppet master, and the present Governor Oborevwori has continued with the ‘borrow borrow’ policy of his predecessor by borrowing close to N100bn.

“So, the first 100 days of Governor Sheriff Oborevwori in office is a celebration of the MORE agenda of more loans, infrastructural decay, frustration, and misery for gullible Deltans”.

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