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Dignity does not consist in possessing honours, but in deserving them”,-Anonymous

I would have sent out an open letter to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, but I have decided to write this piece, for the benefit of all Akwa Ibomites rather than the Governor being addressed directly.

We cannot contest the fact that as at the time of writing this, Udom Emmanuel remains the Governor of Akwa Ibom State until the Supreme Court says otherwise.

The subject I am dealing on is the inability of Udom’s media aides to live up to expectations and justify whatever monies and allowances they are paid. It is public knowledge that Udom Emmanuel has come under intense media bashing within and outside the state.
For the records, I am not a Government person, I don’t even know the Government in power I will support, but when I see things go wrong, I owe my society the civic duty to point at it.

The truth remains incontestable, that in the media world in Nigeria, nobody knows who Udom’s SA on social or new media is.
The entire Governor’s media aides put together are birds that flock together, with an unknown destination.
Until they wake to their responsibility to manage the image of the Governor, they will continue to wallow in the imagination of their local mentality of fighting the All Progressives Congress on facebook.
Managing the Governor’s image is beyond facebook attacks. What programme of Udom Emmanuel have they been able to market to the populace?

How far have they been able to manage the image of the Governor?
It may interest us to understand that these set of aides have made Udom more unpopular in the media space.
How far can they go in reaching out to publishers of both the print and online media to stop negative reports against the Governor?
Which among the Governor’s media aides can influence reports in favour of Udom Emmanuel?

Being a media aide is far beyond engaging the local print media in fisticuffs. Some without even a well known address in Akwa Ibom.
Whatever anyone feels about this article is left to the person to form his personal opinion.
My personal recommendation is that Udom Emmanuel should gather his weaklings and make them justify whatever they earn from the state coffers.

Enough of gallivanting with the State resources and time to work.
The aides should take a cue from the media guys in APC and defend the Governor they pledged to work for or try to reach out to other active Governor’s media aides from other states to show them the way.
But as Akwa Ibomites look forward to the Supreme Court judgment later in the week, the true baptism of fire will come on the media weaklings in Akwa Ibom State.

Let’s face it, the leap of faith required to follow a dream is usually accompanied by guts, wrenching, knee quaking and soul shaking fear.”- Jonathan Fields

Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Managing Editor of Secret Reporters

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